Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tis way too early and cold and.....

Dark and damp so this will be a quick one so I can go back to bed. The spunk and I have been sick as this week with a cold/flu and Im exhusted from sneezing and snuffling.

Sewing front I finished my kimono style top
and am working on another top for Friday night the spunk and I are dining out at a posh resturant and I wanna look good, haha. This gorgeous satin was on special yesterday at spotlight for $6 a metre, buy 2, get one free, Im thinking some lounge pants for me and Brins with whats left.
Ive also found a heap of material
previously bought over the years to make some summer tops, lovely orental silk stuff and some sheer material. And a opshop bargain,
8 metres of various winterish florals for $4. Destined to become pants for brins and skye and some pjs for them too.
Also in spotlight I found the lion brand yarns, wooo very nice the magic stripes was. And wow they have some lovely wools in there atm, Im dying to use my stash a bit so I can buy some other stuff, esp the micromerino they had, lovely and spotlights own "dashing" is divine.Still a whole wall of eyelash crap but ya get that. At least there supply of pure wool and wool blends looks betterer this year.

Ive been having a knitting blank so have just been doing some hats and fingerless gloves to sell at my market stall next month to finance my little trip to the Boys naval graduation and to see my baby girl for a week or so in June
Last week I let Brins dye some wool and she "painted" some grogeous looking stuff she called lolly wrappers. Ive knitted her fingerless gloves wth it but she squandered them in her room so pics will have to wait till she wakes. I dyed some also in black, red and brilliant blue, I dubbed "punky" and will find something to make out of that soon.Maybe fingerless gloves for me again, I do love to wear em. We intend to do some more dying today maybe, I have some stuff out the back room thats gross and needs some over dying.
Brins in her vest

I finished Brins beret

and I must say I liked making this and will make some more but I think I will adjust the pattern a little, I thought a cable or some lace work in it might look great too, a matter of playing around (which I seem to be doing a bit lately in my rut)
These were squares
smell was making before she had the heff and never finished,(shepard boucle type wool) it was meant to be a blankie, but Im looking thinking some nice cushion covers would look great and then the heff can use em in her room or whatever, So I must start sewing them together and sort that out.
My mission in life atm is to cull and use and sell what I have so when the spunk and I eventually leave this world and move country, I wont be taking excess stuff. (esp old UFO's)and knitting patterns I wont ever use. Ive given up on "she who dies with the most knitting paraphalia wins" too. And think "she who dies with the best wins"

A friend of the spunks lent us some great dvds to watch, this is on my agenda for today "father Ted" what a crack up, weve already spent weeks watching vicar of dibly and black adder and allo allo again and again. I forgot how funny they all were.
Latest book
I bought last week and in my spare time Ive been trying to read it, just about finished. I didnt mind it but would have liked to have read the first one first. But ya get that. Looking for more knitting novels now.

Ok thats it for this week, I will leave you with a pic of my little heff doing her own hair. awwww she makes my heart ache.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

just another quick one with gratifying pics....

Smorning all

Tis 5.40 and Im up and posting before I crawl back into bed for another hour or so. Caught a dreaded lurgy and Im blaming global warming ok.
School holidays havent been that bad yet, Brins and I caught the bus to Rocky today to walk around after my physio appointment and the dreaded trip to centrelink where I didnt have the "right" information it seems AGAIN, story of my life. But Not to bore.
Today shes going to a friends from school. Said friends mother is doing a teaching degree (IS SHE MAD???) and needs some kids to practice her skills on before she starts work experience at the local state school(thats a nightmare school). So she invited her sons bestest friends to help. Kewl I say. I get a day to go to my apparent job network appointment (friggen thrills I tell ya)

Got some pics of what I have been working on this week.

First up some op shop buys...

A gorgeous bowl looks lovely in my kitchen and

A silver plate plate... Needs a good polish and will look spick

And isnt she gorgeous...
I seen her in the good sammys, sitting all by herself and the staff there were really pleased to see her go, I think she creeped em out, but we think shes lovely. I will make her a hat and broom and shes ready to take on the world then.

Onto sewing this week...
am up to putting the sleeves into my kimono style top and will finish that this weekend while brins at her dads, I need to sit and concentrate for that, but meanwhile I whipped up some flower power hippy pants for Skye.
And following cindys pattern for her sock tote I made this....
Im sooo pleased with the way it turned out, Ive never put a zipper in anything before and I did it and lined it as well. Well done cindy for this pattern. I thinks I need to make me some more, The spunk reckons the house will be full of em soon. Well maybe. Im going to make a larger one to actually hold all my sock stash in, tis not a big stash like some but enuff for a few pairs and that will keep it safe from nasty bugs. And then what about some to hang actual socks in and then I need one for the car to have something to work on in. and maybe one to hold needles in and one for....... YOU get the drift... I lurve em.

My new cup. Awww aint she sweet, I really LURVE hello Kitty and when I seen her yesterday complete with chocolate egg for a measly $3.50 I knew I had to have her, So I did.

What Im working on...

Firstly I have been working
on my mohair cardi. Ive done the back and one side and am working on sleeves atm, I like to beak up the jumper and do the sleeves in between or I end up on sleeve island wondering whether I ever will finish it. Im not sure about the front though, It just doesnt look like I wanted, so I have put a small life line in ready to rip back a bit and redo. Ive tried to catch some of the way the colours just blend in but I dont think I could ever do it enuff justice. Its just gorgeous.

And has anyone used this gorgeous stuff. Its from Kmart and their own brand, Its 8ply 100% wool and its devine.Brins needs a redish hat we realised after a trip to shops yesterday where as she dressed herself. I should have taken a pic but forgot. So I will attempt to describe her attire. From the feet up.

Black boots. black tights with red cow print. black short skirt. Nemo top. Red jumper that I made her last year complete with bell sleeves. and A GREEN HAT. Bloody hell she looked hippy, bohemian and crazy in one. The child has her own sense of style and besides the GREEN hat she looked gorgeous. So she picked out this and I am making her the beret from Jo sharps Heartland book. Its a red/orange mix.
This wool is sooooooooooo soft and squishy and they have some lovely mottled colours I have decided tomoz to take another little trip to Kmart and layby me some, Tis 40% off atm, I paid about $2.90 a ball I think. And a squishy soft warm wooly jumper (for me) here I come. Well thats if I can get enuff in the colour I liked. I was thinking that jumper in the latest Yarn mag, I love the design but dont want mine plain.. ahhh we will see.

In other news this week. My Boy/Man has survived his first week as a navy recruit, mind u I did receive a phone call 2nd day in asking for a survival package, consisting of smokes.

Geez tis 6.27am now. how time has flown and so did my extra hour sleep I didnt get *sob* oh well Im awake now.
Time to make beds, clean up, shower and dress, get a cuppa and sit and knit for a bit till the girl child wakes ready to go again.

Ciao all
enjoy ur day

Monday, April 02, 2007

i finished i finished

I finished the vest and she wuvs it and her mummy heaps.

This is a close up of the front, we decided against a ribbed neckline and went for something a little more feminine... just a shell edged border with ribbon threaded

next we have the fingerless gloves...

Omgodess Im soooooooooo annoyed at myself over these. The first pair I did had gorgeous little skulls and bones on em, but were that small they might have fitted brins, (which the spunk reminded me about AFTER I hadpulled em apart). So we went simple, just stripped, not fingers besides the thumb gusset and she loved em. Maria you are a gem of a mate.

So whats installed next.... well I need to finish smells surprise and the spunk needs his socks finished.... beautiful alpaca i got handspun from opshop last year.

Hopefully that will give me time to think about me. YES ME. cause I need a new jumper and a new cardigan... Oh and I promised Brins a new cardi too. All from the stash of course. And I want to make both girls their "weasley sweaters" too. I might need to buy a small amount for those. Contrast yanno *wink*

And a small pic of my sewing I am working on atm

... Its sorta a kimono style top, yanno the ones that are all the rage now. Hopefully I will finish it at sewing tomorrow.

Also I soooooo realllllly want to make these for the heff. So smell if ur reading this and can get hold of some sirdar in that puffy stuff. (slowflake inthe 8ply) I would appreciate it. Yanno if I have to go near that store at MountPleasantI will buy stuff I dont need. Pattern is from the latest (in OZ) of Simply Knitting. I love this mag, it has patterns for everyone and the little free gifts come in handy. I love this months, the magnetic needle case. They were so in my head when they came up with that idea. Im always running around looking for needles here.

And last pic, Last weekend the v8s were here in Perth and as I had brins that weekend the spunk took his daughter to watch em, while I sat wtaching them on tv and knitting in peace. But hes such a sweetie he didnt forget me again.(those last year will remember he got me flowers and bag and hat etc from v8s. This year I got another bucket hat

In other pressing news today.
him pict here with his neice is starting a new life today. He left this morning on a trip to victoria where aboard the HMAS Cerberus he starts a new life as a recruit. Good Luck my little man, Mummy will send a survival package soon.

Ok Im gunna go make a smoothie, fiqure out dinner, and sit and knit on the sock for him and the thing for her and look thru some patterns for them

Ciao all