Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Pics of the .....

Kitties and of my little "heffalump" lol.
Kitties born 27th feb 2006
3 boys, 1 girl

The Heffalump woke this morning with her first toof.... Shes only 13 weeks old. sheeesh.

I went and had the blood sucked outta me this morning haha. Well she could have been a vampire, it bloody hurt and she took lots. Hopefully they are ok. Im not gunna ponder on it for the rest of the week till I find out the results.

Just about done with the bloody boring school cardi. I have half a sleeve to go and the band.... but cheating with the band and doing it sideways, cant be stuffed doing 8 stitch crap.
I also have finally finished a gorgeous pink chenille bag brins asked me to do early last year, all sewn, decorated and she loves it.
I will Hopefully get some pics of some finished things this week...my camera is flat and I just not gunna buy batteries till next week.

Ok I have like a hour and a half till I go get her majesty from school so I wanna try finishing this cardi.

Next I wanna do Her majesty and the heffalump matching zhivargo jumpers.... I have the summer colours from last year. (minus the blue... sob sob, bloody couldnt get a ball lol). So I have orange, yellow, pink and green, more of the pink and orange....

Any ideas on how to stripe them????????????

Ok ciao

We have kitties again

Yes yes and before any of you have a go for me letting her have kitties again. IT WASNT MY FAULT. I swear it. She was still feeding, they wernt totally weaned and in a "dory" voice, she escaped. Little did we know she was pregnant again till it was desexing time. Oh well accidents happen and all is good and everyone is well

This time she popped out 4 kitties in record time. we have 2 Ginger boys, a grey with white feet boy and a bloody torti girl..... Im sooo annoyed at her for the torti. Ive always wanted one never had one and I cant keep this one, grrrrrrrrrr. At the moment she is slightly rejecting a ginger boy, he was the first born and she left him on the loungeroom floor as she wandered off to have the next 2. Today she keeps moving him away from the others. If things dont improve it may be a case of handrearing.

And again shes happy for us to look, feel and admire her offspring. Mel played midwife this time as I was in Freo with the spunk having some tests done. Missed all the excitment.

Life in the past few days was totally shit. I had a little tiff well ok a HUGE tiff with the spunk. but after numerous emails, sms's and grrr stuff all is well again and there will be no more misunderstandings, cause yanno my blood pressure and old heart couldnt handle another weekend like the last. To those shaking their heads saying why the hell didnt she ring him or go and talk this out instead of emails etc, well. to tell you the truth I couldnt, I was sooooooo angry and upset, I would have said and did things I would regret. Besides I couldnt see straight, besides 2 days of crying I had also taken some pain killers for my huge headache and couldnt possibly have walked out of my front door. But as I said all is well, We both realised how much we missed each other just ova 2 days and that we dont wanna fight again. Im happy now.

This morning Im off to have a cholestrol test, my thyroid and diabetes tests. Yanno I never had a prob with dibetes till I was pregnant with brins, and then was ok for a few months then bad again. Type 2, controlled by diet. The thyroid thing has sorta been a ongoing thing that likes to swing either way sometimes, But yanno since I found out I have Coeliac disease and wheat Intollerant and stopped all gluten and wheat products, both conditions improved 100%. TILL NOW. Ive been guzzling soo much water I feel like a fountain atm and thats not good. Hopefully todays tests will come back ok and that the cholestrol is good, cause yanno I love my cholestrol hahaha. Sheeeesh if I cant have my bacon and eggs with all the trimmings every sunday morning with the spunk my life will end.
Ok im off to sort out the childs hair go have these tests and continue on the horror school cardi. hate hate hate it it it


Friday, February 24, 2006

mmmm I think the knitting olympics can do without ......

ME. hahaha

Ok I admit defeat this time. I have a abudance of excuses, namely Im not feeling myself at this present time and havent been for the past 5 days. My blood pressure seems to have hit a all time high and I have a massive headache etc etc... Been to the docs. Gotta rest etc etc etc blah blah blah and a few blood tests and a BIG needle later and I still feel like crap.

I have done a row here and there, but no, IT wont be finished by the required date. It will be finished cause I bloody want it for riding on the bike. Just not by the 26th. I wanna take this chance to congratulate all those that have taken part and have completed their projects and those that are dawdling like me. Heck congrats for trying.
Done a few rows on Brins school cardi as well, but then thats almost completed. That will be a thorn from my side. Im so ova that cardi hey. Plain, blue and boring

Think I need a ride on the bike. I find that extremly relaxing and tomorrow night the spunk and I are gunna do a little night time riding, so am looking forward to that. But for now I will leave you with a small pic of the mini cherub. Isnt she precious

Im going to sit and browse my latest issue of Simply Knitting and have a cuppa.


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sooooooooo what did everyone get for Valentines Day???? huh huh huh....

Me I got.......... nothing.

well ok nothing for Valentines Day BUT I got the most gorgeous silver necklace with a heart on it for my birthday... From the spunk of course. *sigh*. I so love him lol.

I also got for the big one, Red Dwarf VII on dvd and a Happy 40th piccie frame from the older girls, Brins gave me a lovely champagne glass gel candle. Im sooo spoilt. I spent the day doing what I wanted, went grocery shopping and bought what I liked for a change and laid by the pool, and watched my dvd and then enjoyed a lovely dinner with my fav 3 peoples /dog. It was great.
I gave the spunk some gorgeous black satin boxers, I cant wait to see them on him wooohooo.

In knitting news, well I aint done much a few rows really, its been way too hot here and I couldnt be stuffed. I gave up on the Irish Hiking Scarf for the spunk as my Olympic thingy cause I guessed he would hate it and yup he would, sooooooo Ive decided the pink angora one for me was in order. So I started it, done about 20cm I guess, maybe more, Ive decided not to measure it till I feel its long enuff. So as punishment to myself for weasling out of the cable scarf. Im doing the pink one in cable rib and started a black ribbed one for him too, whether I finish both by the end is something else. Whether I finish ANY by the end would be a miracle. Im still trying to finish Brins school cardi too and still have time to ride the bike, and look for a job. I need a few more hours in my day.

Apart from that not much has happened, I did move into the spunks for a few days last week, needed a breather from here and yanno I think when we finally get off our lazy arses and move in together, we will be fine. We just seem so easy in that situation. Even Brins settled in to a routine. We all did really, the dog included. Brinley got to wake up to me and the spunk for her birthday as he had the day off, and that was like the most normal thing really. We spent a lovely weekend with his daughter as well. With a gorgeous roast for dinner sat night and off to the pub for a lunch Sunday.... SOOOOOO spoilt we are. Its so hard walking out that door though. Monday I was in tears, we been there for 5 days and neither Brins or I wanted to go. Seems silly in some aspect but seems normal too.

Ok I gunna go make some brunch, sit and watch some more Red Dwarf and maybe do a row or two with the fan on high, not as hot today but very humid and sticky.

Ciao for now

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Im back with pics and goss and stuff.

Firstly something amusing.....
This was sent to me and I'd like to pass it on. I dont know where it came from so credit isnt given but thanks are.

A recent study indicated that yarn gives off certain pheromones that hypnotize women and cause them to purchase unreasonable amounts.
When stored in large quantities in enclosed spaces, the pheromones(in the yarn) cause memory loss and induce the nesting syndrome(similar to the one squirrels have before the onset of winter i.e.storing food).

Sound tests have also revealed that these yarns emit a very high-pitched sound, heard only by a select few, a breed of women known as“knitters”. When played backwards on an LP, the sounds are heard as chants, buy me, knit me, and wind me into a ball “.

In order to overcome the so called “feeding frenzy effect” that these yarns cause, one must wear a face mask when entering a storage facility and use ear plugs to avoid being pulled into their grip.

Studies have also indicated that aliens have inhabited the earth, helping to spread the effects that these yarns have on the human population. They are called “YARN STORE CLERKS”.
It’s also been experienced that these same pheromones cause apathological need to hide these yarn purchases when taken home (or at least blend them into the existing stash), and when asked by significant other if the yarn is new, the reply is “I’ve had it for a while.”

goooooooooooo on admit me, we all do it, the hiding bit and all the other. hahaha

Ok onto some knitting stuff.......... yes gasp but I may always be busy and neva home but I do plenty of knitting still. Mind u it seems to cut into my bike time these days.... Maybe brins doesnt need a dozen jumpers for winter lol

In knitting news. ......
Off the needles and sewn and looking sweet I might add is a jumper for Brins yes it was in a stripy stuff. accckrylic from BIGW, but I have to say amazingly soft and sooooooooooo much of it hey, 375grams and Ive done a jumper for a 6 yr old have enuff for a matching hat and some stuff for the baby too. Pattern was simply, in round till armhole, round neck simple garter stitch edges and flared sleeves. She loves it and thats all that matters hey.

Also off needles and awaiting buttons and some minor sewing is a jumper for Skye in Sirdar "Snuggly" in the fair isle dk. Ive tried to get a shot so you can see the pattern in the yarn. you might be able to see the self pattern it makes it was in pinks, purples and white

Also a single sock but we wont talk to much about that till the 2nd sock syndrome is abolished.

Last Wednesday my baby girl went to big school. She has started year 1 and loves it. I thought she might but coming from a Waldorf school to this one is a huge change for her and me. But they are lovely, shes happy and settled in with some new friends already. And did I cry and sook on her first day..... HELL NO..... she was dropped off kissed madly and the spunk and I took off for the day on the bike. We spent a lovely day riding and pubbing.

AHHHHH and my baby girl AKA granddaughter Skye is 10 weeks old, isnt she a cutie. Shes got colic atm, poor baby, she keeps her mother amused by crying. Glad I can hand her back.

Pic of my shiny RED car and the other love of my life, (besides the spunk), the Harley, shes a lovely old girl and makes me smile to see the spunk soooo happy with her. Yanno Ive had some people think Im a freaking dickhead and ijiot spending all my money on something for someone else , but yanno I got such a warm fuzzy feeling when I did it, that hasnt worn off. Makes ya realise you have done the right thing. The look on his face when he gets off her is priceless. Thats why I love him
Hes been on my case atm cause its my birthday next week and its a big one *sobbing now*. He wants to know what I want..... I dont bloody know. A tattoo with his name on my butt....
looksee what he gave me the night before xmas.
Its a crystal ball with a fairy in it and its on a rotating light thingy. Aint it lovely. I will treasure it forever.

Ok enuff atm I need to go pick the cherub from school. shes got 30 mins for a swim then we are off to bowling, shes taken up junior league bowling once a week and loves that too. My baby is growing up

Leave you with a lasting thing... I thought it amusing myself dont know if it will work but its supposed to be animated


Saturday, February 04, 2006

Well it seems today I am am moving my blog, well slowly anyways. Gunna take a bit to work all this out so give me a break and just be there to hold my hand please...hahaha

Hopefully I will work out how to put pics on this and they dont change the formats every week or two like the last blog I was using.

Ok I will be back slowly as I move things ova, Must go put a little note of moving house on the other blog