Friday, November 17, 2006

just some pics

Im back and got some various pics thats been happening here at chez shazzy's

firstly my socks from the online sock wool I purchased from Geekos at the beginning of the year. I soooo excelled myself in making them identical too hey haha

Next we have pics of Brins going to a pirates and princesses party. Obviously she doesnt see herself princessy. Outfit was picked up in dribs and drabs from opshop, total cost.....$3.... Eyepatch was knitted in black 4ply cotton. There are black cut off pants to go with it. Notice the parrot, made a hell of a noise. lol
And a pic of her as Dorothy from Wiz of OZ.... She had the shinest Red shoes Ive seen lol. This was for book week, and she won best dressed

And lastly a pic of my baby girl. Im babysitting tonight so that should be fun *blank stare* Im sooo not EVER wanting to ever think I could have a baby again hey

Next Tuesday Im off to the specialist cause my doctor thinks I have Rhuematoid Arthritis, cause the bursititis in my hips is still going even after 3 major killing injections into the hip bursae... its in both hips and with the pain in my hands and elbows, and my feet are hurting now too.... its likely thats what I have. This is causing problems all over ...


I want a job, but I cant atm cause of this, some days are hard to get around and Ive got centrelink on my back wanting to know what I intend to do next year, well how the hell do I know hey, thats 3 months away. And if they think I can afford to pay a daycare for 8 weeks of the holidays so I can get a casual job that may or may not call me to work on a daily basis they can drop of the centre of the earth..... And Im trying to finish a course sheeeeeeeesh. They really need to give some peeps a break. IF big bro is reading this, Im fuking trying my best ok

phew glad thats off my chest, been bugging me for 3 days now

Hope you like the pics, Im off to finish shampooing my carpet, it gets grotty quickly with a 50kilo lovely ladydog sprawling over it all day.


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Im back for a min...

Well actually Im sitting at Tafe thinking I really should do a post, Ive been wanting to for the past 2 weeks, but yanno like gets away from you and I still didnt do it.

Ok news in detail.... Making myself some socks from Live2knit's tutti fruity 4ply that I have dubbed fruit tingles. They are slowly coming along, with the spunks homespun alpaca socks and a blanket Im doing a row or two a night.

Mel is moving to South Australia in a few weeks, OMG what will I do without my girls. I will miss my smelly and skye hey.

The spunk is staying at my place atm, while he sells his house and then I guess he will leave and move away. I am trying not to think of that, cause I dont know what hes thinking. I dont know what life holds. And I admit Im sooo scared.

Oh well life goes on I guess.

Ok ive upset myself here. I will be back, bright and cheery with some pics etc


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

pics and links revisited haha.....

Ok here goes. Actually the spunk posted the last bit from a draft I started and thought Id lost when the puter froze..... OMGoddess he found my blog. *blank stare*.
oh Im so cracking up here hey. Oh well I guess he knows how I feel about him now.
So if your reading this ..... I do love you very much, you are my main man.
So apologies for no pics or links lol.

Here's a few pics as promised..... firstly some pics of my workroom,
as you can see I STILL havent unpacked. For some strange reason part of me feels missing cause of it, but it just hasnt been top of my list, as long as I had knitting here inside I was fine. Mind you I have started a "mini stash" in my bedroom in a spare drawer. I will have to rectify that, cause the whole idea of this workroom was that apart from the imediate thing Im knitting everything else stayed in that room. I have soooooooo many knitting books I didnt realise hey, I have a bookshelf in the that I will fill easily, when I pack em in there, atm they are piled on the bench and believe me those orange curtains u can see a climpse of ARE GOING... lol gross
Dont ya love the sign on the door......
So when the doors rocking, dont come aknocking
This is my back patio area and a small section of my back yard.

Pic of Brins and her new book from the op shop..........and the hounddog....
and a pic of my newest fav thing to do, Im addicted to mosaic... lol. This was my first thing I ever did, I will be putting a mirror in the middle and hanging in my dining room, as you can see the colours of the tiles match the wallpaper completly hahaha

Yanno Im exhusted after all that....

so the links can wait till later

ciao enjoy

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Monday, October 02, 2006

Ahhhhhhh pics as promised and.......

The puter is up and running, thanks to my sweet sister Kim. Shes such a genius (in case shes reading this) and cause Im so blonde I couldnt do it. Well duh Im not a brainy person sometimes.

So Ive got some pics..... I can do that right ..... or can I ???? LOL
Firstly there is a pic of the front of my house. Notice the roses. They are like 30+ years old some of them and OMGODDESS they are gorgeous, some opening up to the size of a dinner plate too. Hey what you think about my fish tank in the wall. This separates the loungeroom and dining. Very retro.

Check this out for a light hey..... Ive never really seen one in a house before. I recall a caravan somewhere. This is on a brick wall painted green in my loungeroom. I think its a feature wall?

And heres a pic of my kitchen ....See the cupboard in the corner it swivels all the way around... sorta like a spice rack I guess..... the cupboards are all angled and sorta caravany in a caravany way. I personally think the original owners (who moved out a few months ago, dreamed of a gypsy life) And from what I hear they are travelling around Australia, so maybe the house was the preparation lol ...... Oh Oh Oh I have to show you the wall paper in my kitchen and dining... I love it

And a final shot for today of roses out of my garden.

I have to say I am soooooooooooooooooooooo happy here hey. Including the severe allergy to the privet bushes out the back that, that gorgeous spunk of mine is getting rid of for me tomorrow. Hes a gem hey.
At the moment I have the hound dog staying with me while the spunk gets a new fence up, shes so sweet too.
Brins is thrilled, she has a huge games room up the back she can play all day in. And being school hols I guess I wont see her much.... yipppeee (ooops).

Knitting wise.....

havent done much at all. hands hurt, trying to do swatches for once mentioned designer, but heck whats the point in making rectangles really, gunna pack it all up this week and send back with a sorry note. A woman cant function if nothing comes from it I say........ Or as I said to the spunk, look what I have been reduced to knitting..... sheesh. But I wanna make Skye a teddy, so thats next.... Just gunna do what I WANT for a bit. ... when I WANT, with no timeframes.

I have also learned mosiacs past month and I find it quite relaxing, so Im gunna do more of that now I have a big back patio.... (to be shown in next blog, with my KNITTINGROOM) and pics of yard. Am gunna make me a big table for out the back covered in mosiac.... just need a design or a idea atm.

Ok its taken me all day to get this done, had smell and the heff over and the spunk this arvo after work and picked brins up from her dads, so its now dinner and I wanna go sit for a bit....


Thursday, September 21, 2006

all moved in

ok I will have my computer up and running hopefully by monday. my lovely sister is coming to visit from Sydney and being the puter nerd i remember she was, i will let her do the fixing for moi...
Update on moving house... All moved in, I love it, brins loves it, the hound dog loves it and the spunk hasnt left since we moved in.So to sum it all up, we all love it heyWill put a decent post up next week for you all with pics to see etc etc
im so behind on peoples blogs and my podcasts too. Cant wait to start browsing them all and downloading my pods

Catch ya all next week

Miss everyone

Friday, September 01, 2006

Im still alive and ....

computerless atm...

Lots happening.... Bought a drop spindle of ebay and it included a cd of instructions ( that between you, me and the garden gate I dont understand) Anywhos, thats the only cd thats been near my puter and I havent downloaded anything , but puter is broken now... Still trying to fix and atm using libraries cause the spunk is computerless too, but he rebooted his as in put his boot thru it lol.

Also moving to a new and bigger house in 2 weeks and its so retro 70's its so me haha.
Will get pics when the puter works and put em up for looksee

Skye getting bigger and last night crawled around lounge floor for her nanny. good girl. she will drive her mother batty, Paybacks a bitch I say.

knitting wise. I finished 3rd jumper for once before mentioned designer, using black kid mohair, loved it, hated it, made it, sent it, finished. Apart from that not much, finished Brins monkey I started a year ago and just doing little things, Hands are hurting too much to do anything really.

Ok My time is up, Im missing you guys, Im missing my podcasts, Im missing having my camera etc etc etc


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Just a quick....


Ok Im all over the lurgy thing. (I think I am anyway) Hit me real hard it did.

What have I been doing?????
well see here

this is what my Saturday arvo consisted off. The spunk has a mate thats a pilot who promised me almost a year ago to go flying... well due to him being overseas or me working or being caught up with Brins etc I have missed out till now.

I had a ball, well ok except maybe it was too early to go flying after being so sick and I had a sinus attack where it felt like a hot poker being stabbed through my eye. But hey what could be more pleasant than a arvo flying.

This is taken overlooking Kwinana, Western Australia where we live and

this is to the other side, Where the spunk and I wanna live.
OMG you all say, "you live near the ocean and wanna move away"......ummm hell yeah, we live near the refineries that use that ocean.... Besides, how can I have sheep and chooks here. I need space hahaha

And me scoffing myself with red wineover the school hols, Brins took this pic. Im on a red wine and junk food diet, Since giving up smoking 6 months ago I have put on almost 10 KILOS>>>>> OMGODESSS

Started the spunks other socks and have put em down for a bit while I make the heff some socks and Brins needs more socks, she outgrew the lovely ones Katt made for her. I need socks too. I made myself these and the spunks washing machine stole one. Its been 2 months and I still cant find this missing sock anywhere.

Today I officially became a student again. Im doing a tafe course for the next semester doing some business thingy.

And my biggest news, My hands hurt, like they really really hurt, esp my thumbs, Im having trouble knitting, I feel like its all gunna end. Maybe I just need a damn good rest of em, I dont know. HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

Also in breaking news, look what the spunk bought for moi to use. I love it. A retro kitchenette to make more beautiful. Ok so it may not be ur cup of tea, but it suits his old kitchen really well. And besides I finally got more bench space lol.

Its taken me since yesterday to get the pics up so today is now Wednesday and the cherub starts back at school today, yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yahooooooooo. And I have my orientation day at tafe. Mmmm wonder if theres a knitting group there, we are opposite spotlight haha.

Ok pics all done and Im off to get myself dressed.... wonder if I should go conservative or normal or dress as I normally do and scare eveyone off from talking to me.

Ciao all. Enjoy ur day.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Still sick but feeling a....

tad betterer.

Sheesh talk bout sick hey. Thought I was ready to die, wasnt just a slight cold as I thought. I think I had the flu, still got it but at least Im not feeling like Im on my deathbed today. I thought I was over it on Saturday and ended up back at the spunks, thinking I was ok. Then it hit my chest. oh golly gee. But today besides I still got the mucus thingy happening at least my brain feels like mine again.

So what Ive been doing besides dying, I made the spunk his socks for his birthday and its like a crime to get them off his feet, as I was finishing them off and sewing in ends etc, he was putting them on his feet. He loves them so much and Im sooo glad.Im atm making a 2nd pair so at least I can get these in wash more, lol. Made using Cleckheaton Country Naturals 8ply, I love this wool for socks as it has viscose and akkkrylic, but only 10% so just enuff to add some strength too. It also has like little slubs of a brown yarn all thru it. Hence the "natural" thingy. Doesnt look so bad mixed with Malamute fur either haha
I used the blueberry waffle pattern (google it) and have now got it downpat for his feet, my feet and brins feet sizes.

Also I made and finished a jumper for once said designer, using a silk mix yarn in like chunky. loved the wool, the colour didnt do anything for me, but loved the jumper when completed. I like doing this knitting, I get to knit stuff out of wool I know I would never be able to afford to buy myself.

I want to make me a jumper now, I bought a few weeks ago 18 balls of the wool Kmart had on special. I think its a 12 ply or abouts so I will start thinking bout what I want over the next few days and get that started. I have 12 balls of white and 6 in the pink.

We had a bit of a stormy few days 2 weeks ago and for those that read my blog last year would know we had a tornado hit thru our area in May last year that did heaps of damage. But this year we took measures to protect that we love yes its the Harley in the loungeroom. The shed it resides in started to shake and rattle, so we hauled it inside for a few days.

Ok well not much has really happened, its school hols here and Im on my bestest behaviour. lol Nah Brins has been really good actually, Poor thing was sick for a few days too0, shes going to her dads tomorrow for 3 days so Im soooooooooo looking forward to that hey, Me and the spunk will just chill out and enjoy the silence I think.

Oh I got a new puter desk, well actually its the spunks, His puter broke so I got the desk haha. Feels funny cause Its clean and doesnt have all my shit on it yet.

Ok Im gunna go and scoff down more chook and garlic soup and sit and knit his socks for a bit.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Got some nasty lurgy

feeling like total crap, trying to finish a jumper for once said designer and looking after sick child also with said lurgy.... I will be back just not today

LOOKING DESPERATLY: for a Alan Dart (i think) knitting pattern for Piggley Winks that UK show that is on ABC.... the spunk loves this show and I would love to make him a piggley of his own and brins loves the duck.
Any help appreciated, Looked on ebay and usual other places. Does anyone have a copy of this pattern??????

Be back soon. Bloody nose is running away from me again

Monday, July 10, 2006


ok Im alive just hahaha. Give me a day to settle back in at home (been at the spunks for weeeeeks). and I will post add pics where I can and generally be informative about the past 5 weeks of my life.
Katt that sounds great price if you aint sold it already I will deposit the money in ur bank account next monday if thats ok. *blush* Bank is empty this week. send me a email with bank details. sharing my puter with the spunk atm... when they say to reboot it I dont think they really mean to boot it, but he did lol
Ok Im off to finish cleaning this place and getting rid of the not lived in smell and be back tomorrow

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

not dead yet

Im not dead yet, just havent been home. I said this unit was a storage unit. lol

Knitting wise. I havent done that much actually. Finished some little mittens for the heffs cold hands. Started and done the back of a sleeveless polo neck top for brins in angora supremo. From a pattern in a US family circle knitting book. Does anyone else have a prob with dry hands using this angora stuff. My hands are a mess.
Am knitting for a designer atm to make some pocket money and already ready to tear my hair out, feel like Ive lost my mind really. I cant get tension and I dont have a tension prob as a rule, but wow Ive dropped 2 needle sizes and its still 1/2 st out. Needless to say it is staring at me and today is not the day to attempt it again. So Im going to make me a black beanie and make my hands soft with some nice soft pure wool. I have a nice woven Harley D badge to go on the front of it.

Katt asked what I happened to the other kitties from the last post.... well Smell took one called George and Fred, Harry and cant remember the girl cats name went to 2 of donuts friends. All thriving and doing well. We tried to keep all cats in the family so to speak and from both litters, we all have one or 2 and friends have the others.

The spunks daughter turns 18 next week and Im sooooo not ready for that. I have to look for a gift yet and Im stumped, she really doesnt need anything knitted, cause she has some already. I was thinking some of those nice fluffy cushions from thingz or something for the back of her car. I will have to search next week and see what takes my eye.

I got the new Simply Knitting mag and yeah I liked a few things, Mel loves the bonus Debbie bliss book, shes decided it might be quicker to make Heff some things herself. haha. The new Creative Knitting came in handy on Wednesday as the spunk went to have a gastrothingy, where they put the camera down ur throat, and we got to the hospital at 11 and didnt leave till after 5 so with my knitting, my podcasts and the mag I was a happy camper for a few hours. I love the vest in there, just not the colours. The baby things didnt do anything for me but I enjoyed having a browse all the same.

The spunk has 5 weeks holidays starting next week, so I will prob spend alot more time there, but will try to get home and post as I can.

Ok Im off to ring this designer and ask what the hell as this pattern is not right..... Its sooo not me, Ive checked and had it checked to make sure I wasnt mad hehe.

Monday, May 22, 2006

yes yes I know.....

its been bloody ages, but yanno I am a busy woman...... mwahahaha who am I kidding.
So instead of just dribbling. I have a week and more of pics.
And some dribble.

Whats happening around here... well my hip still hurts, seems the injection of steroids and local anastuff didnt work and I will have to get another one done in a few weeks, until then, I have a new friend. Her name is Willow and shes my walking stick lol.
Had a ride of the bike, not bad if we stop every 10 mins or so, so I can stretch, u can see we are getting around fast here then haha.

Ive been knitting, scroll down to veiw a bit of that. well really I been doing a little of everything BUT resting.... I so get in trouble for that, but yanno I cant sit still. I have ants in my pants, well thats what my nanna used to tell me.

Like mother, like daughter I say. My matching book ends.
Giselle would be about 1 yr old now. Im not sure but she looked young when she came to us with child(s)
and then Miss Lulu is about 6 months. Very hard to tell apart except they have different mouths and that Giselle has a scar on her side still healing from being desexed.

ok onto knitting, firstly we have some booties I been making... all with sparkly bits or beads or sequins etc. gotta be girly. The heff has a small collection I cant get pics of atm. Also here is Brins red slippies I knitted and felted last week. I just need some puffy paint for the bottom to make non slip then some beads and sequins and shes ready to keep her toesies warm too. Just a bootie patterns, 2 strands 8ply wool bigger needles and felt.

Scarf I was making for the spunks daughter, its in spotlight's Moda Vera, "Parade" in purple. Brins also got a small one from the left overs and a pink pluffy one too.
Brins was also lucky enuff I got myself lost in spotlight and bought some of the Moda Vera in "Piuma" and made her this.... modelled by the lovely Mr Jim. Brins is fully into pompoms atm and heck for ackrylic this is surprisly soft and I will be making some more to sell.

The spunk went to the V8 Supercars here in Perth on mothers day and got me a great showbag thingy from the coporate box he was lucky enuff to be in. Great new knitting bag it would be too, with a bucket hat with V8 supercars on it. Also these lovely flowers came my way, Orchids too, so nice.

Also this week Kmart had a heap of wool 100% here wool going on special.... very nice I must say considering I laybyed like3-4kgs hahaha. but I grabbed these balls and made a long skinny scarf for me or to sell. I cant decide atm. Its a mix of reds, oranges and pinks

This wool is what I picked up at the op shop the other week. 12 balls shepard 8ply orange 100% wool and this alpaca, in natural colours for the spunks house socks.

Will leave you now with a pic of my oldest Commonly known as the doughnut cause shes always 'round. Taken at a nightclub here last weekend. Pretty nice pic, shes sooo vain though hahaha

Ciao for now.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

just to let you all know.....

Im alive

went to xray etc and got the needle.... yes I have Bursitis..... and yes I didnt rest after the needle and now Im paying for it big time....

Knitting stuff..... Ive finished Skyes hat... made her 2 pairs of ballet booties and 2 pairs to sell, made brins a slipper to felt and doing no 2 tonight and will felt tomorrow....

wne opshopping and picked up 12 balls of shepards 8ply wool in ornage at $1 a ball instead of $4 a ball..... and some home spun alpaca and sheep.... thats for the spunks socks to hangaround in... lol.... ok]

I will be back when I can sit straight and stop knitting

ciao all
and hellllllll im so addicted to podcasts im scary..... go listen to www. hey

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

some pics...

some knitted item pics to add to todays post ....

Firstly we have brins scarf/neckwarmer modelled by the lovely Mr Jim Bear, its made from a ball of Panda 'coconut ice" that Brins bought with her own money from the bargain bin in spotlight last week. Cost her $1.00, she also bought a ball of Fiddlesticks "gelati" in pinks for $1.50. Ive taught her well I say. lol

Next we have Skyes side to side jacket made from the cursed lilac merino bambino and some lovely aqua bambino. 1 strand each.... 3 lamb buttons adorn this jacket.

Brins school beanie and hand warmers, hard to see on the purple lounge but they are done in navy cleckheaton country 12ply.

Next we have the start of Skyes hat I promised to make today, well I started Have been playing with Skye today and shes sleeping ova tonight so not much knitting getting done atm.
Knitted with cleckheaton country 8ply in white and the hot pink is Angora Supremo. It will eb a square topped hat with tassles on either side. Brins wants one too so I will do hers in the pink with white trim.

Ok I will leave you with my other fav little girl, shes 5 months and 4 days old today, sheesh how time has flyed hahaha *sigh*

And the only other man I would let put his shoes under my bed.... ahhhhh hes gorgeous just like my spunk.... Long blonde hair, gorgeous eyes and tats.... what else could a girl want haha. Vince Neil from Motley Crue

Ok Im off to knit for a bit before the little cherub wakes for her feed.
Ciao all