Tuesday, April 18, 2006

its finished... its finished....

Im doing a little dance here. Brins jacket is done, completed, finished. Heck Im in love with it too. Finished it on the weekend and besides the fact I didnt block but will when I wash it etc,
I think its lovely... (collar up view)
(proper view). Pic looks a little squiff, but its just the angle its taken on.

The spunk says Im clever ooooo, isnt that sweet.
AND I have enuff of the wool left over to make her a matching hat, when I get the chance. Meanwhile Ive been slowly doing some rows on the heffs little lacy jumper. Only a few rows since last entry.

Pics of the heff taken on Friday or was it Thursday, who knows lol. She was filling her little face with a bickie. Sheesh can that girl make a mess haha

Hope everyone had a great long weekend. We did, didnt go out riding but enjoyed the weekend at home with the spunks daughter. Its been a cold brrr few days ova here in the west. So sitting around snuggled up, with me knitting away was just what was needed.

School hols are on us and I am not gunna enjoy this, I can tell you. Already day 1 and Im outta pocket a few $$$ mmm. but we have hit the library and so shes got some vids, dvds and books to occupy her brain tomorrow.

Also to those remotely interested, smell has made her mummy a button to share. Shes gunna eventually redo my whole blog template for me but this is a start. Feel free to take from here just save to ur puter. I will get it permantly on the side bar when time permits....

Ok enuff dribble. as you can see this place is a bore.

Ciao for now

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I think I might be the.......

Happiest woman ever atm...
I have possibly the last 3 balls available of the wool I was after in the dyelot I wanted. Managed to find it amongst balls of stuff in Crossways Wools in Subiaco..... It wasnt easy to find either due to all the other dyelots sitting there and some mixed in with the bag I found these three beauties. And it blew my cheap as chips jacket out the window cause for these three balls alone I paid $3 less than I did for the original 10 balls I bought on sale crap hey. Oh well they are mine and I will have this jacket finished in the next few days.
While I been waiting I been knitting stuff and this is the latest thing to come onto the needles thanks to the startitis virus I have. A little lacework jumper for the heff in Red Heart Soft Baby I picked up at Spotlight. Its called Frolic and is sooo pretty even for acccckrylic yarn. $5 a ball enuff to make some pretty for her. I will just put this down now while I go back to brins jacket. Dont ya just love the background colour of my lounge. I never get bored of looking at it. Its soooo gorgeous.
Katt have you found that cure yet for startitis, I think Im needing it.

Ok I have spent the morning driving around Perth doing stuff and me and Smell called into Woolly Lattes in Wembley.... have to say I wasnt really that impressed. I dont know what I thought it would be like, and it was a lovely shop dont get me wrong, but it wasnt my kind of shop... They had some Rowan there, Cleckheaton, Jo Sharp. heaps of Jo stuff in books and wool and frivioulous stuff by Pamela. Im sorta well ova the novelty yarns. They are sooo passe for moi. Some needles by Lisa G, and other bits and pieces. And basically that was it. We had a coffee which was nice, no food cause it obviously wasnt a Gluten Free day in there today and I browsed and didnt buy.... Now for me NOT to BUY something theres a HUGE problem hey. Even Smell agreed as a newbie knitter that she wasnt impressed.
Yanno for quite a few years now this has the been the shop I have wanted. A knitting cafe. Back to those days when Brins was a baby and I was on Maternity leave my brain was sorting thru making this shop happen. But alas money never came around and when it did a few years and a divorce later I spent it on other things, like new furniture, stuff for kids and a harley. I would do everything different to this shop. I wanna supply Perth with alot of natural stuff including fleece etc from local farmers esp alpaca and angora etc. Lots of homespun stuff. Home dyed and stuff yanno lol. Lots of gluten free foods, funky music, kewl couches and help yaself coffee. But until I win lotto it just aint gunna happen now lol. But heck I love the harley hahaha

So because I have spent the morning out I have 1 hour before its time to get Brins and Im gunna go watch the last dvd of Darling Buds of May and knit... ahhhh knitting. Its soooo destressing.

Ciao for now and I will leave you with the latest pic of the heff, aged 18 weeks now taken yesterday.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Thanks for the idea and link Donna, if I cant get it here, I will have to oder from over east. Going to Woolly Lattes in Perth tomorrow so I will go have a sticky there.

ok So I have calmed down and feeling a bit betterer. I spent the weekend curled up on the couch with the spunk, sneezing and crying and feeling like shit as it were. Even started to swell up a bit last night, that was scary. I knew the other day I wasnt feeling the best and it hit me hard on the weekend. Friday I was not myself. But Ive done a little knitting. And today I managed to get some groceries done, so we wont starve the week. Still not 100% but will just take it easy for a few more days. Damn Viruses should be banned I say.
I made Brins these on Friday night and Saturday morning while she was cleaning her room, the spunk was at work and I was watching disc 3 & 4 of the "darling Buds of May" series. I borrowed them from the library, cause it was always one of my fav shows. I so wanna be like Flo, shes my kind of woman. hahaha. Ok They are made with Shepards colour 4 me 8ply in the shades of blue, yellow, green and orange. Its a self stripping stuff. And I managed to make them identical.
I also knitted some of my Olympic scarf, yes yes that was ages ago but yanno I neva did finish it. But I am doing my ribbed bit on the neck then to do other side, so I hope to have it finished for this Friday for riding on the bike. Poor man is not exactly thrilled I intend wearing pink but heck its a nice contrast with the black leather I say. Besides its baby pink Merino/Angora mix and I love it and its mine mine mine . So *rasberries* at ya babe.

I also managed to start and almost complete one sleeve of Brins "mystery jumper" its a mystery cause yanno I really dont know what the hell Im doing but just making it up as I go. So I crocheted granny squares, joined em and am knitting on dpns the sleeve in the same mix of orange and pink as the body. Hopefully it will all come to me before winter finishes hahaha. Its soooooo gunna be a hippy top I need one too.
Speaking of bloody winter. Hello Im still friggen waiting for summer. Did someone forget us in the west. Oooops I forgot thats what WA stands for the "wait awhile" state. Well Im waiting for summer. I only just took the quilt off the bed a month back and last night it was cold enuff to have it back on. Talk about shit me off. I love winter, I love rain and overcast days etc etc etc, BUT I wanted a little summer too. Cant ride the bike when its raining and cold yanno.

Ok enuff of my little goss, my little head is starting to ache, its been a hard day doing the groceries and beleive me it took 4 hours to do it all. Im gunna go sit and watch 30 mins of my disc and chill before the cherub comes home and life begins again


Thursday, April 06, 2006


well ive come to that standstill and feel like throwing it in the bin hey. Ive ran out of wool and trying to find a ball is driving me nuts, even trying to get a ball of a different dyelot is stupid. I have to drive to the ends of the earth if they had it.
Someone must have a ball somewhere
Im sooooo angry with myself for even thinking I could make this jacket. I give up
Going into hibination for a day or two

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Its been a while again...


Ok the usual, been busy, been not here etc etc

what have I been up to hey mmmm

Been on a few rides on the bike, (need to finish that bloody pink scarf for that too, brrrrr), been here maybe bout 3 days in the past 14. So not much is really happening around here. I did sort out my little corner I used to shove my stuff on and now it looks more pleasant to look at, whipped out some jars to store my needles and generally tidied up the books and mags. This is the first thing thats seen from the doorway of my study so I was always conscience of the way it was.

Done some knitting while at the spunks, not as much as I could have or would have, had I not cut my thumb on a potato peeler and bloody hell it was killing for a few days hey, too red and angry to knit with. Bit of shock for him that I wasnt knititng I think, but he made me cuppas and we ate some chocolate and he tended to my sore with elastoplast so all is good, and yesterday I managed a few rows. And to help move ova 400 pavers we managed to get for free.

Progress on Brins cardi has gone slow for me. I have done the back and 1 & 3/4 sleeves. (I like to do these first or second as not to leave em till sleeve island where I can ignore em)
<<<<The fronts will be started today but I may come to a standstill as I am still afraid I will run out of wool. So anyone that hasnt checked their stash for that lonesome ball of cleckheaton merino supreme I urge ya .... HELPPPPPPPPPPPP . Col: 2219 dyelot: 739067 its light blue and I pay for it and give it a good home I promise.

While browsing on my old puter stuff the other day I found these I will share with ya. This was a jumper I did for Brins ooooo bout 4 years ago. Made with cleckheaton country and just a jumper I designed liked and made, she loved it and this year will be her first year she wont wear it *sob*. Time to pass it on
And remember the very first issue of Creative Knitting we all gushed over. Everyone was making these shawls using their scraps, this is mine.... I put the buttons on it and since then have hated them, this year they come off. Yes I still use mine. Its warm and cosy. I have some feathers in there, but most of it was made with wool, mohair, alpaca, and angora. I didnt bring this out last winter unless I was home alone. I was scared that it would scare off the spunk But hes so got used to what I knit and wear now. This past weekend has been a little chilly and I could have done with it, so it comes out of hiding to be shown and admired. (or hated if you want)
This Pic is of me. Brins took it the other week on her camera. Poor kid just hasnt got the hang of pic taking yet, but shes improving. Think it would have been a great pic without the suns ray all over it, but it adds mystery I say. U can see me but ya cant hahaha. Id just had my hair cut a few days before and since then its grown back the inch I lost and another.
Ok I need to go and find some clothes, since we aint home much most of my wardrobe lives in my car and other places. I have a heap of washing from the weekend and the spunk has the day off so I dont wanna waste it doing the mundane. Hes off visiting his mates this morning so I wanna get done before he gets home.
Enjoy ur day and remember 2219 739067 cleckheaton merino light blue *evil laff*
I leave you with the

word of the week.......
*Bonkers* (as if you do that again Im gunna go bonkers)

Quote of the week........
There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness."