Sunday, June 01, 2008

last post showed two pics of cwa shop...

dont know how to change,,, next post I will fix ok

quick quick quick, the bastards lied....

for fuck sakes people....we are on bloody dial up again. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
TELSTRA LIE PEOPLES. and then they think they can get ya for "breaking your contract"... haha, NOT me, they did break it, but not me... NOT paying peoples. ALSO telstra and their NEXT G... hello I cant get coverage and I live in town and go out of town 2 kms and get it., stuff you matey.
Also Centrelink SUCKS big time (step back here later in week for that episode) lol....

BUT in saying all this we love it here.....

pics pics for my knit sibs and family......hey

I promised ya pics of Koorda... so here they are.... the first is the pub of course....
Opens at 4pm, and 12pm on Saturdays, so make sure ya bring your beer with you. lol. Cause you might be waiting awhile yanno.... lol

The hub of life in Koorda.... the IGA>...
Newsagent, lotto, cafe, supermarket and local meeting place... Run by the sweetest couple who work their butts off for our tiny town. Best bit is they have secured me copies of Yarn Mag and Simply knitting every month... Yayyyy

oooooooo our servo.... BUY your petrol during the week peoples, we havent worked out how to get it weekends yet, run by card system> DOESNT like wankbest cards.

This is the Local "fashion shop" ...
been open a few times since we have been here, has some knitting needles in a jar on a shelf, some brown non descript wool from like 20 years ago and some god damn awful shoes, but still we have a dress shop. She has some buttons and some material I think if not rotted on rolls.

We have a butcher, open mondays to fridays, book your meat in advance, they have to breed and feed the animal and kill it first lol... BTW the spunk and his sister in pic....

The red cross op shop and CWA craft shop.... as I say to the spunk.... "I have more craft in my stash than they would have seen over the past 25 years in that store", But the ladies are lovely and they have great hearts and hey Ive picked up a few bargains at the oppy, BTW I will be back Tuesday to pick up something I seen out the front in a box today lol.
Also in town is the CWA hall [insert pic here, when broadband arrives in town or next post] where they run the local paper the "narkal notes" every monday and do CWA secret womans stuff. Im not sure yet if I wannna join em... Is it like Girl Guides... Do I havta salute and make promises I cant keep????????????

Looky here tis a post office, [insert pic here, when broadband arrives in town or next post]tis where our mail and the parcels you send go, "what you havent sent me a survival package", shame on you..... JUST JOSHING YA.

Brins school.[insert pic here, when broadband arrives in town or next post] 30+ kids, lovely school. most welcoming. Brins loves it heaps.....

Now we do have a swimming pool and a police station and 2 churches, "want a organ?????? they are giving them away up here......haha.. CONTACT MOI.

We also have a bowling club, golf "cough cough" course and a medical centre... dont be sick the day the doc aint due ok... monday and thursday only....We have a tip, a ses unit, a ambulance and the hub of life in farming the local CBH... storage for grains.

We have a Library, they must all think Im mad, Ive already ordered and booked like 12books to be sent in already.... CAN you believe NOT ONE library book on knitting. .... and then the other day I found a poncho book that they just got in, well I had to borrow it just to read yanno ;)IM SOOOOOOO ASHAMED

Knitting wise.... Ive done Brins pinwheel cardi, another pink cardi, Brins beeeee socks, mitts etc for Ms Skye-leigh and nearly a hemlock blankie. a pair of socks for brins that were toooo small. shhhesssh when did that child grow.. ?????????lengthened Ms Skyes pants and made 1/2 pair more... BUT I need a jumper so thats next, shove ya all I say..haha

The local ag show is in Sept and I intend to knock the old ladies starting with some hip knitting. Ive had strange looks here, saying I knit, they are all into Sports. (VOMIT) and scrap booking (DOUBLE VOMIT)... I will show em all.

Arm is till sooooo totally dicky, been to specialist, gotta go get x rays, ct scans etc (When I win lotto) and go back. arrrrgh. Bloody quacks,,, I have a dicky arm.. fix it I say.

Ok I think I have used all the dial up. tis very slow again....Ive been trying to upload the same pic for 28 mins sooo far.


Friday, April 04, 2008

a real real real quick one,

Just to say we are all alive and busy busy busy... Moving to Koorda in 2 weeks and atm am just packing the small load of final stuffs and living like squatters in this house till we move out. All our stuff is gone already and unpacked and put away in the new house. even beds made and towels put out lol

Just doing the general bloody cleaning to vacate the place. Im struggling a little but press on it must be done, Im so thankful, the house is clean and tidy anyways, tis really just the yard and outside that needs some love and I will pay someone for that.
Elbow has finally cracked up and is killing me or as Snotty says "its caning me mum" lol.
I cant get into the specialist till early May and just have to suffer till then, I cant straighten it or pick anything up without either dropping it or a shooting pain going on. Bloody arthritis should be shot I say. Worst bit is its my right elbow and Im right handed bummer. Cant wait for that HUGE needle of local and cortisone ahhhh relief.

Very little knitting getting done,(hurts way too much to knit)but I did alot of little babies things for Snottys mate, who had a little girl. Twas fun making little pink things again. Now onto Blue for Smells friend.

When we get settled and I have worked out how the hell to put the puter back together I will post some pics of the new house and the town in general. Lovely little place, small school and tis soooooo quiet there, the only noise we heard for 2 weeks we stayed there last month, was the burring of air cons, including ours.

Ill leave it till then. Just wanted to let you know we are alive still.


Monday, January 21, 2008

sheesh tis been a long time...sp pics abound.

But Im back. its been school hols here and still is for another 2-3 weeks.

Ive been a busy bee, packing for the big move to Koorda in March. We are staying here till April though, just the bulk of the furniture and boxes will be gone, we will be living like squatters for a few weeks. geez Ive horded alot of stuff since moving in here from that tiny flat, maybe to bulk the rooms out lol. I did dwindle 6 boxes down to one though, I was so proud of myself that day. Slowly getting there, its being done in 3 stages. Non essentials that I can get packed will be going next weekend. Then the big stuff in 5 weeks, then over the next month I will be driving up there taking the little things I find as I clean. Phew Im so over it. I guess I really didnt think I would be moving out within 18months, I sorta saw this house as a long term thing. The spunk and I were not making any long term plans then. I love it so much and will miss it dreadfully, but then again I also love my new house and besides I will have the spunk there, that makes it worthwhile and my chooks.

Ive been sewing and knitting too. I started the spunk some new socks a few days before xmas and finished Xmas eve.

I made Ms Brins a Ms Chauncey
for a laugh, need to add the bow. I also made Mel a Flourish and Blotts bookmark for Xmas made from Fyberspates wool I got a few years ago.

I made a cardi and dress for my lambit.
And started a cat and bear from the same patterns.

I made a baby cardi, some booties and some hats
, the girls friends keep popping babies out so I thought I would just knit my stash and put in a box so they can choose in future.

I started Brins a jacket in Clinker from Kmart. Thought it would be scratchy but its knitting to a nice hand. im just finishing the sleeves pic next post.

Also I can show you the tea cosy I made for my tea cosy party over at Ravelry. Im glad she liked it. I had a little trouble with it and knitted a few but this one was the nicest.

I also made a little case
for my iriver.Ms Brins got a ds lite for xmas from her dad, didnt even come with a pouch so now I will make her one too, same wool. Starshine from Panda

Ive also been sewing making Ms Brins summer jammies, a few sock bags and yesterday a new hooded cloak for Ms Brins. Shes off on a Harry Potter Hogwarts Day today at the local Arts Centre, movies, crafts, house sorting you get the drift. Shes gone as Hermoine, she so has the hair for it lol.

Had the boy/man here over the past month, he left last week so yayyyy I got my puter back. Its in the room he sleeps in so he tends to hog it. Hence why I havent been on much. He didnt mind being taken to the pub though... this is from last time he was here, but nothing changes.

And the BIG NEWS IS.... the monkeys went for a ride, yes their first public appearance, well as much as can be seen inside my docs and under jeans. Look at the poor things they were exhusted when they arrived home after a arvo out riding and drinking at the pub.

Ok Im off to pack another box or 10, so will leave you with a pic of my girls. Skyes got a virus atm, so poor thing is probably miserable and I guess Smell is too now lol.
Ps. I made that hat from scraps, tis her fav I admit Ravelry is killing me, I spend wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too much time looking at everything on there and not enuff time knitting or packing... Damn that site. lol

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

tea cosy swap package arrived ooooooooooo

Im back Ive been knitting but it will all have to wait till friday for that. I promise pics then. BUT FOR NOW.....

This arrived this morning, a package from the lovely Flipper

all so lovely wrapped in of course purple.

look whats in here,

I call her "myrtle" isnt she the best, even the spunk had a chuckle.

and the sweetest stitch markers and earrings too, what a great gift.

And a handknitted card aww

and my fav choccy too. wooohooo

I was very much spoilt and I love it, Thankyou Flipper from the bottom of my heart, you have to be the bestest swapper ever.
Off to look for a sockpattern worthy of that girgeous yarn, mmmmmmmm

Friday, November 09, 2007

pics and riding.......

Well Ive been a busy bee,
Ive been knitting and sewing and had a brilliant day going to Bunbury and then to Harvey for lunch at the pub, harvey beef rosks, and back home....
Long ride and my butts a little tender today but no where near like it used to be, Im just that much more relaxed with the sissy bar then. Ive never had one before so this is a new experience and I have to say after seeing friends girlfriend hanging on for dear life I feel lucky Im soooo not doing that again haha. At least I can walk today and not hobble like I usta. For those that remember the old girl heres a pic of the new girl... Hell of a difference from a 1984 to a 2008, they even have immobilisers, alarms and its fuel injected and its terribly kewl *wink*

Now some sewing. I made a sock tote again. I so love making these, so easy and they look great and I still want more. Big ones I want I do lol

Then I got hooked on illusion knitting, ive been looking at it for such a long time going "yeah one day, looks too hard etc etc". well the day came, I made and wow I love, Im hooked now.

Going today to get some black and green wool to make the dark mark scarf cause I must have it....

Also I found thru Ravelry a pattern for a Harley Davidson dishcloth
, well of course I had to make it, Made it for the spunk as a flannel for his shower. He thinks it was quite smart really.

I dont think ive done much else. I have hell hayfever atm, I normally suffer allergies all year round and just cope, but yesterday arvo the coping ended. My head was gunna burst and my ears were a mess. I am covered in hives and the wind just keeps blowing lol. Apparently I have a ton of fluid behind my eardrums or something and so am on a heap of medication, including a nasal spray that cost me 73 freaking dollars, I tell ya it better be worth the snorting. I was shocked and horrified. Thats a week of shopping gone, lucky we have some food here or we would be starving. sheesh the gov needs to cut people some slack with medications. I know this little bottle did not cost $73 to make. Good onya little johnny, you made me dislike you more now.

Ok whining finished. I need a cuppa and go finish my secret surprise for my tea cosy buddy swapee...

Oh oh and my tea cosy buddy swaper asked me what fibre I like. Im not so much a lace weight, sock weight yeah I love socks, DK probably what I use more, but thats only cause its cheap haha. Love wool. Dont like acrylic, its squeaks at me. Mohair I cant handle the snorting of.. made myself a gorgeous mohair cardy, it gets up my nose now haha. I like it all. except novelty yarns and squeaky stuff, OK OK im a yarn snob. I admit it, im on a 12 step program hehe.

Ok off to make a cuppa and contemplate finishing the last bit of tea cosy stuff, hang on I said that hey

Monday, October 29, 2007

quick one

for my favorite stalker...teapot without bear.

Cant stop to chat, but I have finished one monkey sock/
Ive made some little things for my stalkee. And Im sooooo having trouble with my tea cosy haha. Rip rip rip so many bloody times haha. I will get it right I will.
Oh and the new Harley gets picked up Friday..... oooooooh. 2008 softail, silver to match the car haha. Hopefully I will get a ride in the next few weeks, Im booked up with brin and the rain keeps dropping in.
and Im getting a new helmet cause you get one free and I so hate my full face one, I feel all squished in there. And we ordered a detatchable sissy bar so I can stop using my butt muscles so hard, apparently it will help with the bursitis in the hips. Apparently lol.
Im all excited cant you tell *grin*

Thursday, October 25, 2007

just a quick one to say....

Hello stalker, nice to see you lol
Feel free to Ask anything I might have left out

And I was soooo rude not to put a link to that lambit (cause it is a cross between a lamb and rabbit

Ok back to the knitting. I plan today to finish one thing for my tea cosy partner and to finish one monkey sock lol, Like I will. I will probably keep reading my latest read Motley Crue 'the dirt'. Im loving it then Ive got a Bon Scott book to read...
NOTE***(u will notice amazon say this book aint released yet... well it is here. I picked mine up bout 3 weeks ago at Perth airport)

Ok cuppa time and time to get chook organised for school before I contemplate doing any knitting/reading/watching movies etc.