Wednesday, March 22, 2006

ok who can tell me.....

what the hell I have bought and what am I gunna make with
I was browsing at the oppy shop, as you do. There is always heaps and heaps of cones of yarns etc. I have often admired some, but always looked and put back. Till today. Today I touched and this was sooooooo soft. Ok The label inside says....
Cashmilon Turbo Yarn.... and some numbers but thats it. Made in Singapore. I would say its a 1 ply, but in saying that I have never seen a 1 ply hahaha. Its a cream colour and there is alot of it.
What the hell do I do with it????? I welcome all suggestions. BTW I do have some of those under 1mm needles if that will help suggestions lol.

Ok in other stuff. I tried and tried to do the heff that funky hat yesterday but yanno it was a pain in the arse so after bout 2 hours I gave up. Yanno I now realise why I dislike "novelty yarns". I just cant get it right. But I will perservere, just not this year hahaha.
Instead I was a BAD BAD BAD BAD girl and started Brins jacket, Im so bad hey. This is the start of the back. Its done in Cleckheaton Merino Supreme, and if any one has the light blue Im looking for a spare ball or two. Im not sure now I have started I will have enuff *oops*. Its colour 2219 and the dyelot is 739067 but ya neva know if someone has some in their stash they are willing to sell moi, I would be happy to buy lol.
Ive done another set of rows since I took this pic, it grows so fast and Ive got the hang of the pattern now, so the back should take me till tomorrow to finish.

Just been browing on the auspinners site and wow I want this book hey, and yesterday I seen Stitch n bitch has a crochet book out. Happy Hookers I sooooooooooooo want that book too.

well not much else has happened. Im off to make some bread in my breadmaker, put some soup on, I am making potato and spinach soup for dinner and I have some knitting to do and some dvds to watch. I be back lata maybe.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

another week.......

another day lol

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I had the bestest. Im soo in love its sick hahaha
Saturday I was up very very early getting my crap organised for the market/trash stall. I ended up making bout $132 from our crap. Sold a few scarves and a jumper I made a few years ago. Forget the bbq as I previously mentioned. We just spent it on us. hahaha.

Watched Corpse Bride and Wolf Creek. Have to admit we both wanted to see Corpse Bride and wasnt really impressed with it. But we've seen it now hey. Wolf Creek was good. Im still glad we didnt pay to go to the movies to see it. But it was weird, gross, strange and a few other names all rolled into one.

Sunday seen us up early to go for a ride. We spent ALL day on the bike and believe me I really had a numb bum by the time we got home. Did the lot, Breaky, ride along the coast, around some nice suburbs, beach, and then off country to our favorite pub. Another long trip around the back ends of southern Perth and home. All up bout 6 hours of riding with stops in between.

Pub was a little dissapointing this time. We have made this country pub our "local" even though we dont live there, but its where we hope to move to when we sort ourselves out. Food was grrrr. Ok we ordered 2 sirlion steaks, well done not burnt. How long would you expect this to cook hey hey hey??????????????. I can cook this and vegies in 20 mins ready on table. And thats on my little stove not a fully equipt kitchen. After waiting 30 mins and watching other people that arrived after us get their meals. I went to enquire and was told it would be out in a minute. 15 mins later it still hadnt arrived and I was getting really annoyed. I went and approached the bar and kitchen to find out if it was coming cause otherwise we didnt want it. (we were ova the hunger by then). I was informed because I ordered well done it took longer. Hello DO THEY TAKE ME FOR A FUKWIT????????? Ive worked on that side of the bar in the kitchen of a pub. I KNOW HOW LONG FOOD TAKES. Ive cooked it hey. Thing was they hadnt done our food. When it finally arrived nearly ONE HOUR later it was tough and we didnt enjoy it. HENCE we wont be eating there again. We love the pub and will continue to drink there, just not eat. Letter in writing and just bout to email this morning. I will not be treated as a idiot. And the customer service leaves alot to be worked on. I used to get my head chewed when I stuffed peoples food up and my job was to pacify people, offer things, free drinks, refund on food, APOLOGY..... NONE of those were evident. Ok Ive ranted enough lol
feel betterer now hahaha

Do you like the hat I whipped up for Brins yesterday, she wanted a pompom on it but I think its too big and spoils it. Made with Angora supreme in hot pink. It has a lacy edge and the pattern can be found here

Gunna whip up a little hat today for the heffalump. Do you like what Im using? Its spotlights Moda Vera "chelsea" its funky. LOL. Im trying to get all these little kids things done so I can make mine and the spunks matching aran knits.
Brins will be getting a hat to match her red striped jumper and a jacket using merino supreme in light blue. Im using a Debbie Bliss pattern called Caitlin from her junior knits book. Sorta looks like a denim jacket but I will change it slightly lol.
Im just doing her arms of her mystery Zhivargo jumper. Its bright. Its funky and hell she betterer like it hahaha. Cant wait to get it all done, The heffalump needs a few little things too.

Kitties are 4 weeks old today, still smaller than the last lot but cute all the same. I wanna try to start weaning them a little late this week. This was the blankie I was finishing last week. Notice I have a weird square, thats the one I was still working on. I wanted something out of left field and so I think it looks good, Edged in a simple crochet. Im happy with it. Other squares were in Royal blue, Mid green, Lavender and a grey.

Ok Enuff, Im going to make this hat for the heffalump and get it finished before tonight so I can finish a few other small things.

My quote of the week.....
" The Joy of Wool... or is that SEX "

My Favorite word of the week......
"Its Funky, Its Hip"


Thursday, March 16, 2006

forgive me... its been

heck a bloody long time between postings... hahaha

Ok I been busy, I been lazy and I can be full of bullshit.

Well whats been going on in this wonderful life hey......

Smell and my baby girl are in SA for 2 weeks visiting rellies, so Im getting little updated pics everyday. This one came this morning, wearing a little hat I whipped up last Saturday for her (while I was hosting a Garage Sale)
Made from Caressa in the pink/purple mix.
Also made her a little bright colourful hat which hopefully will get a pic of soon.

Kitties are all fine. they are growing heaps, nearly 3 weeks old now and sooo sweet. But Im over kitties now and wish they would just grow up and leave home mwahahahaha

Brins is loving her new school and learns alot every day. Shes adjusted well to a "normal" school and hopefully she will continue liking it. Shes become a obnoxious biatch atm and I cant stand it. Shes started lying and talking back and gotta have the last word and shes driving me bloody balmy I tell ya. Shes going to her dads this weekend, so I intend to enjoy my time away from her.

The spunk is great, we've just spent the past week there. Unfortunatly my place is just becoming a storage house for my stuff. We are hardly ever here any more. But then with the shitty, noisy, rude, obnoxious, nasty, potty mouthed, persons that live above me, no wonder why. We cant sleep when we are here. Brins doesnt wanna be here. I dont either, and the spunk is being a darl letting us stay at his place and invading his private mens business stuff lol.

Tuesday saw us on the bike visiting a few pubs, as you do, cause you can hahaha. I was starting to get withdrawals from not being on the bike hey. But this weekend is all ours so hopefully we can go riding.
We had a garage sale last Saturday, spur of the moment stuff. On Friday being totally broke and thinking we were gunna have a crap weekend, we thought "heck lets have a garage sale" so we did. And I might add from our junk we made $200. Pretty darn good and the weekend was great with the extra cash. Went to pay some bills and a drinkie or 6. Im having a stall at the local market/trash sale this Saturday to get rid of the rest of it. Hopefully I will make at least $100 cause I wanna buy a BBQ and I seen a good 4 burner for $99 at a cheap place we have ova here called WA Salvage. Hey any more $$$$ will be a bonus , maybe a nice counter lunch Sunday hahaha

Went to spotlight tis morning..... Um mahhhhh hey, but they had paper patterns on special for $5 instead of $5.55-$25 so I got 2 to make some bags and this material cheap to make em with. I saved $12 each pattern. Pretty hey. Im into green/pink combo atm

In knitting news. I STILL havent FINISHED my knitting olympic scarf. tsk tsk I hear you say. Oh well its been abandoned to the car and gets pulled out for a row here and there, during trips or waiting things. It WILL be finished before winter cause that will be my bike scarf.
Talking of bikes, a pic of my little head in my HUGE helmet.
I had to get a XS and I look like the zivirax chick hey. Bit light and blurry but ya get the drift.

Some things I been working on ......
Blanket from squares. I just gotta add one more square and edge. Just to go in car for picnics and cold days for brins.
Brins bag I finally finished, done in like a 20ply chenille. so bloody hard to knit and sew up but she bought the yarn herself and I knitted. Little crochet flowers and heart buttons on front.
This is Brins new jumper. Zhivargo yarn..... Granny square trim on bottom, pick up and knit till underarms.... The knitting is done in 2 row pink/2 row orange combo. Granny sqares in green, yellow and pink. I dont know what I plan to do when I hit the underarms yet, but Im sure I will figure it out.
Finished Brins School Cardi. Its blue, its plain and ffs it was soooooo damn boring to do. But it looks lovely. 2 strands of 4ply pure wool. lovely and soft and warm.

Looksee what the spunk bought me at a garage sale the other day..... Ive wanted another bread maker for a couple of years, well since a ex B/F blew mine up. It only cost $5 but hey it works and we have made a few loaves of Gluten free bread since getting it.
Speaking of Gluten Free...... I found in woolies the other day, in the cold section where they sell those rolls of biscuit dough..... Yup Gluten FREE biscuit dough mix..... Choc Chip. bloody yummy, I made some after dinner last night and they were all gone by this morning. I wonder who ate em all... I swear I didnt eat them all. I did share yanno. Im not a pig. mwahahaha

mmmm just wondering what else is happening around here. Not much. But I been on here for ages now and Im hungry so will catch ya all after weekend. Cause yanno I wont be home. LOL.

Have a great weekend and I will leave you with a little quote for the day

"You'll Look a Little Lovelier Each Day with Fabulous Pink Knitting."
and what I sent the spunk on Valentines day by phone.