Friday, November 09, 2007

pics and riding.......

Well Ive been a busy bee,
Ive been knitting and sewing and had a brilliant day going to Bunbury and then to Harvey for lunch at the pub, harvey beef rosks, and back home....
Long ride and my butts a little tender today but no where near like it used to be, Im just that much more relaxed with the sissy bar then. Ive never had one before so this is a new experience and I have to say after seeing friends girlfriend hanging on for dear life I feel lucky Im soooo not doing that again haha. At least I can walk today and not hobble like I usta. For those that remember the old girl heres a pic of the new girl... Hell of a difference from a 1984 to a 2008, they even have immobilisers, alarms and its fuel injected and its terribly kewl *wink*

Now some sewing. I made a sock tote again. I so love making these, so easy and they look great and I still want more. Big ones I want I do lol

Then I got hooked on illusion knitting, ive been looking at it for such a long time going "yeah one day, looks too hard etc etc". well the day came, I made and wow I love, Im hooked now.

Going today to get some black and green wool to make the dark mark scarf cause I must have it....

Also I found thru Ravelry a pattern for a Harley Davidson dishcloth
, well of course I had to make it, Made it for the spunk as a flannel for his shower. He thinks it was quite smart really.

I dont think ive done much else. I have hell hayfever atm, I normally suffer allergies all year round and just cope, but yesterday arvo the coping ended. My head was gunna burst and my ears were a mess. I am covered in hives and the wind just keeps blowing lol. Apparently I have a ton of fluid behind my eardrums or something and so am on a heap of medication, including a nasal spray that cost me 73 freaking dollars, I tell ya it better be worth the snorting. I was shocked and horrified. Thats a week of shopping gone, lucky we have some food here or we would be starving. sheesh the gov needs to cut people some slack with medications. I know this little bottle did not cost $73 to make. Good onya little johnny, you made me dislike you more now.

Ok whining finished. I need a cuppa and go finish my secret surprise for my tea cosy buddy swapee...

Oh oh and my tea cosy buddy swaper asked me what fibre I like. Im not so much a lace weight, sock weight yeah I love socks, DK probably what I use more, but thats only cause its cheap haha. Love wool. Dont like acrylic, its squeaks at me. Mohair I cant handle the snorting of.. made myself a gorgeous mohair cardy, it gets up my nose now haha. I like it all. except novelty yarns and squeaky stuff, OK OK im a yarn snob. I admit it, im on a 12 step program hehe.

Ok off to make a cuppa and contemplate finishing the last bit of tea cosy stuff, hang on I said that hey