Monday, February 12, 2007

I soooooooo hate the new blogger

I hate it that much I wanna cry really ..... *sob* *sob*. Ya just lose it all and its not the easiest thing to get back ... Why do they have to keep changing things hey
Just wanna show and tell the past few weeks....

Well my baby and her baby moved to SA....OMGoddess I miss em sooo much. ok not you smell but stinky pants is being missed by 3 peeps here badly. Im sooo joshing ya smell, we miss you all

The big man/boy came home from SA for the hols. So made brins day as well as mine, Hi snotty, from your Smummy XXXX ....BIG news is hes decided to join the Navy.... wooohooo My boy is becoming a man.

Now onto more pressing news. My main man commonly known in here as "the spunk" had to have his wisdom teeth out in hospital, so as a get well, we love you thingy I made him one of Alan Darts Gnome thingys.
We call it his "Lucky Gnome". Poor thing, you tend to try and forget the pain of having those bastards removed really. But yes Ive been a good Missus and looking after him, and yannno he sooo loves his gnome... actually he loves anything I knit.... weird really... lol
Also see this is turning into this. Its Katia Himilaya turning into a jumper for moi ok.... I donated money to the salvos, they gave me the wool in return *wink*
Ok and for you KATT one sock done..... lol. OK not the best pic but ya get the drift really.

I have a mate whos Chillian and whos parents have just returned from Chilli.... llllllllllllloooook what I got, 5 huge skeins of llama and wool ... oooooo 2ply lace I think and its sooo red tooo
And for those that wanna know cause they can... heres the Bee cake from Brins party
and a pic to satisfy. She turned 7 and finally had her first birthday party. of course as a faeirie.... lol. She had a ball, actually between her dad, me and the school it was a 3 day party really. The spunk and I got her a scooter, a bindi cd/dvd, a dora ball, book light etc, of course her dad got her the WHOLE NEW BEDROOM SUITE she wanted. Im over it now, really I am. Im not even going to go into how he F*$KED her hair up or her cousins
Also happening here.... LOOK what i found last night trying to get to my weeiro/cockatiel "Kelly" (the spunk gave her to me, only cause she hated him) haha....A BLOOODY OWL I tell ya..... its amazing hey the spunk couldnt believe this was in our backyard. A bloody owl, Ive only seen a real one at the zoo.

Now down to my poor baby puss. ya remember the cat that rocked up prego that I took in and helped birth 2 litters, well shes been attacked by something and has a HUGE absess... poor baby. She wont let anyone near it, Im slowly clearing it up, but I can see a trip to the vets 2moz if I can catch her. Poor old chook I love her but shes such a free spirit.

Now onto the latest and greatest news, IVE bought myself a new sewing machine and taking sewing lessons, last week was to be my first but due to WESTERN POWER soooooo stuffing up as usual. 2morrow will now be my first class. Im making stinky pants a outfit. I am. well ok Im sooo gunna try ok lol
Ok its late here, Brins is in bed, the animals are slumbering away on the back porch and the spunk is at his place, I should go to bed. well read anyways....
Night all Ciao

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Katt said...

oooooh I so love how the watermelon socks are coming out!! I cant wait to see how they look in adult size and baby size.

the gnome is so cute!!! and i love the green of the "gifted"

cake is great did a good job with it. Sounds like Brins got totally spoilt! Good thing that.