Friday, March 23, 2007

Finally I get on......

Dont know what it is, but I really dont like electrical stuff. it sooo neva works for me, including the net. More importantly the new blogger doesnt like me.

Hi All
yes Im stil alive... just ... nah just joshing ya.

Ive been busy doing not much really. Went back to my GP and the official diagonsis is Degenerative disc and joint disorder. In other words I have Osteoarthritis. I am on meds that I will need to keep taking. Loads of painkillers, meds to help me sleep and stuff. So atm while my brain and body are adjusting to them I am not fully myself. *wink*. Actually I havent taken any this morning and Im really feeling it now. Nice cuppa, meds and a lay down would be the bargain to have.

So while Ive been doing not much Ive been busy doing little things.
Todays post will be a picture post really. Fingers and wrists are a little sore today

Firstly some little things I been whipping up for my baby girl. Knitting and yes sewing. Im learning to sew. The pants took me 4 weeks to make *blush* I am better at it a little now haha

This is smells surprise... haha thats all u see, its coming slowly, very slowly

And these are the hippie pants I made for Brins
and she picked this atrocious yarn out from Big W, they are now selling carnival yarns in self stripping, camoflarge and fair isle patterning, not bad actually, and for ackrylic its kinda soft too. This one is the orange fluro lime and pink and white fair isle matches the pants really. she wants a vest from it so here goes, just making it up as I go according to what she said she wanted, long rib band and a lower round neck.

Also some random pics......

Kiss dolls given to me and the spunk by donuts ex boyfriend. Gotta love em, they as big as a 3 yr old .... and kinda scary.

And my baby girl

This one is chillin' out

My Little Princess

And a witch in the making ;)

Yesterday I took myself off into town(which accounts for why I cant move today) but anyways I went to try and spend the gift vouchers the spunk gave me for my birthday $100 at angus and robertsons. Come on guys get ur friggen fingers out and get some decent books in. I came away empty handed AGAIN. Ive done all the stores in Perth now, and still have my vouchers... anyone wanna buy em, so I can go and spend at BORDERS..... OMG i need a small lotto win here. I picked out 6 books I really really really must have this year so far its only march haha. Knitting books abound in Borders. I will be going there more often now.

Ok Im gunna try uploading this and if the pics dont work out I promise to close this blog down. Blogger get it right... lol

Ciao all

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Katt said...

Dont go closing your blog down unless you get a new one and tell me about it ;-)

Look I can comment!! Blogger is being nice today!

Hey no watermelon socks? lol..

Ooooh I recognise that wool from what you are doing Smell!!

LOVE the sewing work! very nice!!

Someone at knitting group has some of that BRIGHT acrylic! It was soft..I have enough acrylic at the moment though. wanting to work through my stash a bit...Only gonna buy more if I have something set for it.

I am still working out the kinks in the hat pattern. will let you know (or post it on my blog) when I get it all sorted out and looking good..That one on my blog is a little too big for Harley. Its more a teen size. The one I did last night..ended up being a 3yo size!! need a nice middle way...