Thursday, February 15, 2007

Ok I still hate blogger lol

Sooo much trouble to just get in...

Happy Valentines Day to all..... What did I get ??????


What did the spunk get??????

A red Rose from my garden and a gorgeous handmade card....

Now you dont understand why I didnt get anything hey...

Well it was my birthday too, so for my birthday I got....

$100 gift voucher from Angus and Robertson to spend till I drop.... Knitting books here I come haha.

I also got to spend the day with the man I love who took me out on the bike and we had the most yummiest lunch at the pub. He a surf and turf and me a farm and turf (chook boobs and garlic prawns) ooooooooooooooooooooo soooo good. The arvo was spent relaxing and that was my day. Couldnt have asked for a better one....
Thankyou spunkXXXXXX

Also for my birthday from smelly I got a lovely little cross stitch which I will show when I finish putting it in a frame.

Still plodding on my jumper, Didnt do any yesterday hopefully I will get some done today. One thing I am trying to do with my hands and wrists being as they are is to learn to stop when it hurts and not keep going for hours till Im in so much pain I almost pass out. (Im getting some reading done though) Going to buy a new splinted brace tomorrow so hopefully that will take the strain off to. Bloody hands. I have picked out a few things I wanna make so will start sorting patterns and stash out to cover them and then I can finally start sorting wool to sell... That will make me feel better I think. I feel cluttered with my stash now. I look at it and cringe at alot hahaha. What was I thinking ??? I soooooooooooooooo had/have bad taste

I start a pain management course thingy tomorrow so hopefully that will help with getting some more knitting done lol

Still being harrased by centrelink and associated job networks.... The FUNNY thing is..... get this.... according to all of them I am NOT obligated to find work till July (I come under the old system) UNLESS they change the rules again and I get longer at home, so they all ask me why I am there at appointments. HOW to fuk do I know. They have all told me to go home sort my medication/doctors etc and leave it at that, then the next week I get a letter I have another appointment sheeeesh..I have been sent on a wild goose chase for the past few months, and last week was assessed by the state health for job capacity to find Im classed as a temporary which means I should be working 30+ a week.... Im sure arthritis is temporary.... NOT>>> it wont go away yanno. Dickheads. Oh and the huge cyst on my kidney is temporary too. Yeah maybe at the mo, but because of the heath system I can be waiting for a few years to have that removed to. And then I may have to have the kidney removed as well. Thats sure temporary hey. Good onya Little Johnny Howard. The whole system changed last monday and the poor girl that is working on my case is ready to quit. I feel for her, shes a lovely lady. And she sees this on a daily basis.

Mind you just to note. Since November last year when I finished my course.... I HAVE off my own back applied for approx 4-5 jobs a week and heard back from one.... I am a member of a job network assigned by THE GOVERNMENT (that get paid to have me on their books) to help me find a job... Have been for the past 12 months. Have they given me any help at all..... NOPE, NOTHING, ZILCH, NIL NOT.....

BUT the point is. I want a job, and am willing to work, BUT the system also states you should be able to work around your family which I am trying to do. Brins has me and me alone. I dont have family here besides the doughnut who works fulltime and the spunk who also works long hours. Daycare is booked up and over my price range even though the "government" has opened new places and cut the cost *wink* yup sureeeee. So my point is, find me a job in school hours I am there, even if I have to lie and state I am perfectly heathly and able to lift and carry large items. I want a job. I wanna live with the spunk in peace and with some money of my own to contribute) I just will not leave my little girl with strangers and yes she is a little girl.

Mr Howard... organise yaself boy. Get with the program... instead of changing rules to suit you, change em to suit the people that have to look at your wierd little face every night on tv.... Give people a break and go target those that need to be shot.

There Ive had my bitch today.... LOL ...

now pressing news come to hand.... last night said little girl wasnt feeling the best. Rejected my world famous ShazzyWraps and went to bed.... well said little girl just came to me (its 6.30am) and is still sick and looking a tad peeky and feverish, so today is a day sitting here wiping the fevered brow... Could I be doing that if I was working??? hell no she would be going to school and I would be crossing my fingers that the school didnt notice and ring me to come get her.... See Ive done this before with those other 3 children I have that I worked all the time while they were small and growing up... there I go Im bitching again... I so need a good walk, a bit of knitting time and to sit in a hot bath... The spunk had his wisdom teeth out 2 weeks ago and was sick as. Ive been playing nurse (bloody good I am) and now Im a little exhusted and coming down with a cold. I need some pampering myself now.

Katt I cast on Brins other watermelon sock yesterday, thats as far as I got.... I will get em all done one day.. haha

Ok Im off to wash up, make beds, do washing, shampoo the carpet and wash floors, sure I am, well ok as much as I can do today I will. In other words I will wash up, make beds then sit and knit and read and generally take it


Monday, February 12, 2007

I soooooooo hate the new blogger

I hate it that much I wanna cry really ..... *sob* *sob*. Ya just lose it all and its not the easiest thing to get back ... Why do they have to keep changing things hey
Just wanna show and tell the past few weeks....

Well my baby and her baby moved to SA....OMGoddess I miss em sooo much. ok not you smell but stinky pants is being missed by 3 peeps here badly. Im sooo joshing ya smell, we miss you all

The big man/boy came home from SA for the hols. So made brins day as well as mine, Hi snotty, from your Smummy XXXX ....BIG news is hes decided to join the Navy.... wooohooo My boy is becoming a man.

Now onto more pressing news. My main man commonly known in here as "the spunk" had to have his wisdom teeth out in hospital, so as a get well, we love you thingy I made him one of Alan Darts Gnome thingys.
We call it his "Lucky Gnome". Poor thing, you tend to try and forget the pain of having those bastards removed really. But yes Ive been a good Missus and looking after him, and yannno he sooo loves his gnome... actually he loves anything I knit.... weird really... lol
Also see this is turning into this. Its Katia Himilaya turning into a jumper for moi ok.... I donated money to the salvos, they gave me the wool in return *wink*
Ok and for you KATT one sock done..... lol. OK not the best pic but ya get the drift really.

I have a mate whos Chillian and whos parents have just returned from Chilli.... llllllllllllloooook what I got, 5 huge skeins of llama and wool ... oooooo 2ply lace I think and its sooo red tooo
And for those that wanna know cause they can... heres the Bee cake from Brins party
and a pic to satisfy. She turned 7 and finally had her first birthday party. of course as a faeirie.... lol. She had a ball, actually between her dad, me and the school it was a 3 day party really. The spunk and I got her a scooter, a bindi cd/dvd, a dora ball, book light etc, of course her dad got her the WHOLE NEW BEDROOM SUITE she wanted. Im over it now, really I am. Im not even going to go into how he F*$KED her hair up or her cousins
Also happening here.... LOOK what i found last night trying to get to my weeiro/cockatiel "Kelly" (the spunk gave her to me, only cause she hated him) haha....A BLOOODY OWL I tell ya..... its amazing hey the spunk couldnt believe this was in our backyard. A bloody owl, Ive only seen a real one at the zoo.

Now down to my poor baby puss. ya remember the cat that rocked up prego that I took in and helped birth 2 litters, well shes been attacked by something and has a HUGE absess... poor baby. She wont let anyone near it, Im slowly clearing it up, but I can see a trip to the vets 2moz if I can catch her. Poor old chook I love her but shes such a free spirit.

Now onto the latest and greatest news, IVE bought myself a new sewing machine and taking sewing lessons, last week was to be my first but due to WESTERN POWER soooooo stuffing up as usual. 2morrow will now be my first class. Im making stinky pants a outfit. I am. well ok Im sooo gunna try ok lol
Ok its late here, Brins is in bed, the animals are slumbering away on the back porch and the spunk is at his place, I should go to bed. well read anyways....
Night all Ciao