Friday, July 13, 2007

wow 2 blogs.....

in a week.

Well more just to show pics etc I reckon or to keep me safe from jail for murdering a School holidays do have advantages and school holidays are also shitty.

*Its good to sleep in without the mad rush in the morning.
*Its good to have and hold the child all day.
*Its good to just relax and not stress bout everything.

*And its bad cause "im bored" is etched in my memory for life from 3 others as well as this one.
*Bad cause, Im telling her to do things 15 bloody times before I YELL AND SCREAM.
*Bad cause, some magical faerie FORGOT to supply a unlimited amount of money to my bank account to undo the "im bored thing". (Note to self..... Yell at faeries)
*Bad cause, I wanna do my stuff and what I do during the day without having to remember to put her in the car too or pick up after her again and again and again.
*And cause as usual one of us is sick EVERY HOLIDAYS, yesterday was the first day we managed to get out and just for a hour mind. Dont want her sick next week. I want to go see Harry Potter then. LOL

now for some pics.

I finished her beehive hat.

I also managed to find and finish sewing a turtle neck top I made Brins 2 years ago from Angora Supreme. In the lovely aqua colour I notice some peeps like Donna at Random knits is using atm.(My fav stuff, but have slowly run out of my horded supply. *bawling*). This will go to skye now.

Also a little top I picked up at the local oppy for $1. Its nice and I wanna try to make one for skye in something I have here.

The spunks socks are still going. Im just about to turn heel on both pairs, then its smooth sailing down each foot. Hopefully he will have them by the end of the weekend. I keep getting sidetracked by wanting to make other things lol

OOOOOOOOO a spot of dying might happen today if I can get organised and find the right colours for this. Almost 200g of pure wool in beige. I HATE beige. But I was thinking a little dye over might make a nice pair of longies for skye. Any suggestions??????????????

And this might happen today if Brins is willing to listen, she made me buy it, wants to make it but wants it done now, all of it, one go, NOW.

Also at the oppy the other day I managed to pick up a darning mushroom for 50cents. Not bad. I had won one on ebay but it never showed. I wanted that one too, but this will do atm. Till I find another. Modelled by the lovely Rory Holden lion

AND Im making a toy hey....Been a long time since I made one. The monkey from Simply knitting was the last. I seen Sheldon Turtle over at and thought heck I have heaps of bright green ackrylic stuff out the back. I might have to make me one. So Im doing the body atm. It will be a she and Brins has christened her "tillie turtle".

While I was out the back I found this I made for Brins for her first Xmas. I think its seen a xmas or two (everytime I find it again)

Oh and forgot to show you my new beanie.... My boy/man bought it for me when we were over there. Brins has worn hers to death. But Im saving mine. Im not a big beanie person. In fact Im not a hat person, they dont look too bad with my hair down or a bucket hat looks ok with my hair in a plait or something, otherwise its like sunnies. I look weirder than usual.

Im sitting in my spare/computer room looking at all the spunks stuff,(told ya he was slowly moving in) thinking I should be getting my craft stuff back out in the workroom. Everyday it slowly graduates its way back in the house. Yanno gotta look up something or try something or whateva. Im soo bad. Right in front of me is like a dozen magazines that have a place out the back. Heck I have space there (A WHOLE BLOODY ROOM) and a bookshelf so why do I keep bringing stuff in here. Tis like my sewing, having had a chance to look at any sewing since I been back, but alas the machine looks at me every night while eating dinner from down in the corner of the dining room. It stares at me, giving me filthy looks for the abandonment. I will get back to you, sweetie, after the child is back at school. ahhhhh Need to think on this before I move it, maybe a day of knitting will help with the guilt of it all haha

well I think that time is near, well actually I gotta go get dressed first, then to sit and knit with a nice hot cuppa. Its a tad chilly here today. My house is quite a few degrees colder than outside in winter. I hope ya enjoyed all the pics and if you have a slow puter Sorry.
Leave you with a pic of the latest and probably the last bloom of roses for this year (before I prune the little bastards *evil laff*)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

just a quick one to say hi and give some quick pics of what ive been doing for the past month.
Missed midnight flight sat at Perth airport till morning for next one.

Pic of Brins and Jim enjoying the flight

Firstly went to Victoria to see boy/man graduate from Naval Recruits at HMAS Cerberus

I so was proud I gushed all day.

Probably a little embarrasing for the boy but heck not every day your little man becomes a big man
A pic of Brin freezing her little butty off (the BIG head in the back thats my ex ex hubby. What a trooper he was, met me at melbourne and I let him hire the car and pay for it to take us down to Cerberus. See Im a lovely ex really, IT WAS BLOODY FREEZING THERE lol

Then on to SA to see Smell and little heff. And while there, knitted away as usual. Made Donut a scarf from cheap crappo stuff from "cheap as chips". Might be cheap but was soft and warm which we needed IT WAS FREEZING THERE TOO lol. Some more mittens for heff cause she kept losing hers and I finally made a jumper from some wool I bought from the knittery a few years ago. Beautiful to work with and very soft. Skye loved it so much it took 2 days to get it off her

Ok forget the hols now I much rather would, we ended up sick with the flu, and I mean SICK and poor Brins still has it all. ear and throat infections, border pneumonia and on enough drugs to start our own chemist.

Got home and kept knitting. Pair of longies for Skye. Im addicted to making these now. These were from Alisons pattern over at "the blue blog", But with skyes measurements Ive been crunching some numbers and looking thru stitch books to come up with my own. To be released next week, Im busy today.

Also making my man some socks cause I love him. Making them both at once hoping to stop the second sock syndrome. Just a simple cable rib thingy. dont know where I first seen this stitch but heck I like it. I call em twistee socks. Pattern is knit the 2nd sticth and while still on needle knit the first and slide both off. Then purl 2. Wish I knew where I seen it, been doing it for ages now, made some gloves and socks etc a couple of years ago doing this.

Also making Brins a Bee hive hat from stitch and bitch. Shes obsessed with Bees.

Looks like the man will be moving in soon. Still 4 weeks till settlement and over the past week have applied for so many jobs my head was spinning, and as yet have heard from NIL. I need a job. NOW pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

Ok like a said a quick one, its cold outside but sunny and Im in the middle of trying to wash everything in sight and still have time to sit and knit laterer.

Ciao for now be back sometime this week with other news and pics.