Saturday, January 06, 2007

yes yes its been a long time I know....

But yanno life gets away from you really. With finishing tafe and then my babies leaving for another state, and my boy is home for the holidays and then Xmas and oh golly gez, you all know what I mean.

*blank stare* dontcha...

Ok I havent been doing alot.... went and seen specialist, had a full body bone scan and I have arthritis in my shoulders, wrists, hands, ankles, and even my toes ewww and Ive had some more treatment for my hips which has taken the pain barrier from a 10+++++++ to a more reasonable 2-4 on a fish scale... lol

Yes my babies have left the building, Smell and Skye are now in South Australia enjoying the company of the other grandparents, referred to a "grumpy and grandma". I think I like my nanny status. Smell is still looking for a house and staying with her nana till she finds somewhere suitable.

Its soooooooooooooooooooooo quiet around here, I feel like crying sometimes. I keep finding little things of Skyes, like clothes and toys. *sigh*

So onto some pics.... Firstly for those that didnt get one in the mail, or email a Xmas pic to warm the cockels of ur little heart, Bless her little cotton socks over this.

She wasnt so interested in having a Xmas pic with "u know who" without Skye to hold her hand so the spunk came up with the next best thing really. And soooo cute too.

My little "Biker Chook"

And onto some wool I dyed in some blue and purple mottled colours with a dash of red, that I thought looked gastly, balled it still looked mmm, then I knit Jim a jumper in it and woooooooooow I really like it, Soooo Im gunna try to replicate it a little if I can, on about 1kg of 10ply I have sitting here I wanna make me a jumper from.
Then I tried some in a reddish hue and Im wondering what will come of that. I think that will be a little hat for Skye for winter.

Im on a "I WILL NOT BUY YARN" diet for at least 6 months thing, and getting rid of some stashover the next few weeks so keep a eye on here for details..... there will be yarn and books, and some patterns.
I am sooo over "she who dies with the most stash wins" thing and am into "she who dies with the best stash wins". I want some nice wool and alpaca and bamboo and cashmere etc, but I have to destash first. I have 4-5 jumpers for me planned and some for skye and brins.


I WILL NOT BUY YARN and if I do, feel free to whack me over the head with a piece of 4x2 ok

I have enuff here to last me till Im 300 ok.... even if I do want wool in these colours. I will not have em

Im finishing my Branching out scarf atm, forgot why I didnt finish it last year. Now I just gotta work out what to do with it. Sell it, Gift it, dont think I wanna keep it , I just wont get to wear it.

My aim for the next 6months is to finish all UFO's or at least have the decency to give em a proper burial and frog em, to knit what jumpers I WANT and then to make for others.... in that order I hope. maybe with a variation here and thee hahaha.

Ive lost all my buttons etc at the side, but once Smell id settled she will be taking over the designing of my blog and all with reappear.

Just a short one in case you havent stumbled apon David Reidy at sticks and string yet, go and have a sticky and download a podcast or two, I can say this man should be in radio. What a voice. great to listen to and he has some wonderful things on his podcasts. go check it out

Ok I promise to come back tomorrow with more... But I will leave you today with a pic that will melt your heart. Two best friends at Xmas


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Katt said...

that wool looks gorgeous knitted up what a lucky little bear!

I take it that your 6mth yarn diet starts AFTER you buy the sock wool from me ;)

I am thinking about going on a yarn diet to but after Spotlight has their HUGE reduce stock to get red of it really really cheap sale...I cat miss out on that! lol

GORGEOUS piccies!!