Friday, November 17, 2006

just some pics

Im back and got some various pics thats been happening here at chez shazzy's

firstly my socks from the online sock wool I purchased from Geekos at the beginning of the year. I soooo excelled myself in making them identical too hey haha

Next we have pics of Brins going to a pirates and princesses party. Obviously she doesnt see herself princessy. Outfit was picked up in dribs and drabs from opshop, total cost.....$3.... Eyepatch was knitted in black 4ply cotton. There are black cut off pants to go with it. Notice the parrot, made a hell of a noise. lol
And a pic of her as Dorothy from Wiz of OZ.... She had the shinest Red shoes Ive seen lol. This was for book week, and she won best dressed

And lastly a pic of my baby girl. Im babysitting tonight so that should be fun *blank stare* Im sooo not EVER wanting to ever think I could have a baby again hey

Next Tuesday Im off to the specialist cause my doctor thinks I have Rhuematoid Arthritis, cause the bursititis in my hips is still going even after 3 major killing injections into the hip bursae... its in both hips and with the pain in my hands and elbows, and my feet are hurting now too.... its likely thats what I have. This is causing problems all over ...


I want a job, but I cant atm cause of this, some days are hard to get around and Ive got centrelink on my back wanting to know what I intend to do next year, well how the hell do I know hey, thats 3 months away. And if they think I can afford to pay a daycare for 8 weeks of the holidays so I can get a casual job that may or may not call me to work on a daily basis they can drop of the centre of the earth..... And Im trying to finish a course sheeeeeeeesh. They really need to give some peeps a break. IF big bro is reading this, Im fuking trying my best ok

phew glad thats off my chest, been bugging me for 3 days now

Hope you like the pics, Im off to finish shampooing my carpet, it gets grotty quickly with a 50kilo lovely ladydog sprawling over it all day.



Katt said...

Dont take offence..But maybe looking into a disability pension will be better for you. Sounds like working is going to be a hard things with everything going on.

LOVE the socks!!

Wow hasnt bub grown up HEAPS!! And doesnt Brins look gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

Hey Shagsy long time no hear from. Glad to read your doing well! Love the new retro house! Very Shagsy LOL Hey I am unemployed as I quit my job as I got sick of being called a f**king c*nt by the boss's son. Anyway over that and considering doing a Certificate 3 course in aged care. All is well here catch up soon. Get on msn once in a while woman! Hugs KA

Anonymous said...

Hey Shagsy I have made a blog too. Its

Michelle said...

wow...that pair of socks is gorgeous!! love the colours!!