Thursday, May 31, 2007

At long last I have time to blog.....with pics too

Well its been a hectic few weeks here, the spunk went to hospital 3 weeks ago and has been hobbling around and today has returned to work, my nursing days were a hell of alot of fun though. In the mists of all this I have been knitting frantically, well as much as you can wiped out on pain killers haha, and watching low grade movies. In fact Ive done heaps, alot of small but useful things really.

Firstly I finished my mohair cardi on the weekend and I have to admit Im impressed. I love it and its so thick but not itchy. Wool was from defunked Ozyarns called wildflower or something like that. Truely a beautiful wool to work with and the colours, jewel colours so hard to get in any light but in person ahhh lovely.

Next the promised pic of Brins handpainted fingerless gloves. Impressive. Hard to take a pic when she cant keep still lol.

Im made numerous pairs of mittens and gloves over the past few weeks, nice and easy and quick for instant gradification.
href=""> Besides its been friggen cold. Heres a pair in hand dyed wool I did, in black, with blue and red bits

Ahhhhh slippies. Done in angora/merino mix, blue on my feet
pink made for the spunks daughter. Yes they look like little bags that you would think "they aint slippies", but they are. Am doing another pair for spunks daughters friend now too, sheesh they nice. Smell also recieved some and am making a thicker pair in hand dyed merino for me again, so quick and easy and yanno I have no idea where the pattern came from, here, a book, no idea, but its stapled to my brain now.

Made myself a hat to, in country silk, in the lavender shade, lacy edged beanie pattern from, this is a fav, brins has one of these in hot pink too. Smell also got a hat in purple merino surpreme.

Also sewed some tissue holders for Mothers Day stall. PITY NO ONE MAKES TISSUES that fit anymore, grrr, but they sold anyway.
Havent had a chance to get near the sewing machine, but I need to make the mother of all bags for my trip east in 2 weeks. Must be big enuff for 18 hours travelling time,(planes, trains and automobiles, to hold knitting, lunchbox for me,magazines, and heaps pockets for purse, glasses and ipod, phone etc. But not too hard to lug around. Any ideas???? I was thinking a pair of jeans cut up to make one, at least some pockets all ready there and it be nice and strong.
Oh yes on Virgin YOU can take knitting needles, (I checked) but not on Qantas, stupid considering I can take wooden coloured pencils. Same thing, different colours really. wankers

Ahhhh my trip east what a logistic nightmare really, The donut was coming but due to missing the cheap flights last week shes now missing melbourne and her brothers naval graduation and meeting us in SA instead. So now its just me and Brins and meeting my ex over in Melbourne for it. Then flying to SA to see my baby girls, Smell and Skye, I cant wait. I havent seen them since December and my heff has grown so much, heres a pic of her keeping her hands warm.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and looksee what my spunk bought for me.
Ordered less than 10 days ago and arrived yesterday from Amazon, such nice people. I got it, I got it, I got it *doing a little dance around the room*. I cant wait to make some things from this, Brins is dying for a weasley jumper with a HUGE B on it and the cloak

And we sold the bike, on ebay no less, for what we wanted to a really nice guy in Canarvon ? in north WA. So heres a pic of me and Brins the day it got picked up. I sure miss that old girl but never mind we going to order our new one next week. wooohoooo

Heck there sure are alot of pics so I hope you enjoy em. Ive been busy downloading all the podcasts I have missed in the past few weeks, so have about 16 on my mp4 player ready to go, for listening to on plane and train and automobiles etc. lol

Ive been looking for a cheap but effective storage system for my circs and today bought a DVD holder, size of a exercise book with 40 pockets and the pockets are the size of a dvd cover so im not packing em in tightly. I like to keep em loose so they dont kink. $7 and working well

Now onto whats on my needles, sheesh what a nightmare. I started a orange mohair jumper for me and made a mistake 3 rows in, put it down, got out some zhivago to make a jumper, couldnt get gauge right, put it down, found 20 balls of blue loopy in the stash, started a jumper from the loopy classics book, gauge right, right sizings, but would fit 2 of me, put it down, came to conclusion, I am not meant to make me another jumper yet and instead started a hoodie for Brins
in Katia Himalaya in blue and green striped and will have huge winnie the pooh buttons. Its working lol

Latest news around here, I am finally going to follow my dreams and do a enrolled nurses course at Tafe. Next semester, if I can get the apllication requirements organised. Hopefully by the time the practical work stuff comes around my meds will be stable enuff and I will do it. My doc thinks its a great idea and if it takes me longer than others to complete it so be it.

Ok Im going to do some housework, it has been lacking around here past few weeks but I will leave you with a pic of Brins receiving a special award
at school for much improvement. Brins is semi dyslexic we have found out and has struggled hard but the other night finally managed to read me a book. wooohooo Go girl.

So ciao all, hope to add to this in next few days with more pics and news.

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Katt said...

oooh lots and lots of little knitting!

Small knitting is good! instant gratification! lol

LOVE your cardi! GORGEOUS colours!

That jumper for Brins look white and yellow..until I made the piccie bigger..then it looke light blue and yellow!

Glad to hear you are still in the land of the living and persuing nursing!

Hope Spunk feels better real soon. And that pain meds help you with the pain!

Take care hun!