Tuesday, June 12, 2007

quick one...

Before I head off east tomorrow night on the midnight flight to Melbourne till Saturday then off to SA to see my girls

Life is still hectic, this trip hasnt been without its faults and miseries, but not big ones, just my own organisation ones. Im off Im off yipeeee. Cant wait to see my little boy/man in his uniform. Im soooo proud of him, I can gush. And as for Smell and Skye I missing them both badly so cant wait to hug em.

In recent news, the spunk sold his house, so when I get back I must find a job quick smart, so he can move in here.

A few pics for today

Brins Hoodie I started last post is done, a before and after shot
before buttons on and a pic of the buttons, so cute

Some more slippies for me in my hand dyed merino in about a 12ply

My new toy bought today at spotlight. A knitting nancy thingy, or a "I CAN CHEAT ICORD" maker. Brins started making a scarf for herself using a toilet roll holder and pop sticks and I think its time she moved on, besides the spunk wants me to make covers for his guitar stands using it.

Ahhhhh a Harry Potter scarf in the making. Now I have the book I intend to make it all *evil laff* These look about the closet colours I reckon. Tis for Brins, so small and skinny and plane knitting. I will be making me a Slytheren one as Snape is my hero really, Hes so mean and dark. I kinda fancy the man really .

A pic of Brins summer clothes I am making, Got hold of some Lizzie Mcquire patterns so this is a skirt from one.

A little flower I made, nice and quick and from angora/merino

And lastly a pic that the spunk got as a early birthday pressie, (3 weeks away). A mate of mine is doing a Arts degree and so I commissioned her to sketch the harley, here it is, Its amazing, really shes captured every little detail. And he loves it

Ok gotta go, clothes to hang out, buttons to sew on, bags to start packing, and I suppose I better do some housework too.
Ciao for now


Katt said...

oooh I love that cardie!! its gorgeous...

Love all the kniting.

You and I might have to do a sewing pattern swap (a copy of both)..I have a That So Raven gorgeous long skirt to make for Harley..You might like a copy for Brins? If I can find where I put it that is! lol

Take lots of piccies while you are away!! I want to see it all


Michelle said...

Hi Shazzy, what is a slippies???

Dot (Vic, Australia) said...

Your mohair cardi looks gorgeous. Pity that store is now shut. I bought a few goodies from them years ago.

Where'd ya get the pattern for the slippers. They're fabulous!