Monday, January 21, 2008

sheesh tis been a long time...sp pics abound.

But Im back. its been school hols here and still is for another 2-3 weeks.

Ive been a busy bee, packing for the big move to Koorda in March. We are staying here till April though, just the bulk of the furniture and boxes will be gone, we will be living like squatters for a few weeks. geez Ive horded alot of stuff since moving in here from that tiny flat, maybe to bulk the rooms out lol. I did dwindle 6 boxes down to one though, I was so proud of myself that day. Slowly getting there, its being done in 3 stages. Non essentials that I can get packed will be going next weekend. Then the big stuff in 5 weeks, then over the next month I will be driving up there taking the little things I find as I clean. Phew Im so over it. I guess I really didnt think I would be moving out within 18months, I sorta saw this house as a long term thing. The spunk and I were not making any long term plans then. I love it so much and will miss it dreadfully, but then again I also love my new house and besides I will have the spunk there, that makes it worthwhile and my chooks.

Ive been sewing and knitting too. I started the spunk some new socks a few days before xmas and finished Xmas eve.

I made Ms Brins a Ms Chauncey
for a laugh, need to add the bow. I also made Mel a Flourish and Blotts bookmark for Xmas made from Fyberspates wool I got a few years ago.

I made a cardi and dress for my lambit.
And started a cat and bear from the same patterns.

I made a baby cardi, some booties and some hats
, the girls friends keep popping babies out so I thought I would just knit my stash and put in a box so they can choose in future.

I started Brins a jacket in Clinker from Kmart. Thought it would be scratchy but its knitting to a nice hand. im just finishing the sleeves pic next post.

Also I can show you the tea cosy I made for my tea cosy party over at Ravelry. Im glad she liked it. I had a little trouble with it and knitted a few but this one was the nicest.

I also made a little case
for my iriver.Ms Brins got a ds lite for xmas from her dad, didnt even come with a pouch so now I will make her one too, same wool. Starshine from Panda

Ive also been sewing making Ms Brins summer jammies, a few sock bags and yesterday a new hooded cloak for Ms Brins. Shes off on a Harry Potter Hogwarts Day today at the local Arts Centre, movies, crafts, house sorting you get the drift. Shes gone as Hermoine, she so has the hair for it lol.

Had the boy/man here over the past month, he left last week so yayyyy I got my puter back. Its in the room he sleeps in so he tends to hog it. Hence why I havent been on much. He didnt mind being taken to the pub though... this is from last time he was here, but nothing changes.

And the BIG NEWS IS.... the monkeys went for a ride, yes their first public appearance, well as much as can be seen inside my docs and under jeans. Look at the poor things they were exhusted when they arrived home after a arvo out riding and drinking at the pub.

Ok Im off to pack another box or 10, so will leave you with a pic of my girls. Skyes got a virus atm, so poor thing is probably miserable and I guess Smell is too now lol.
Ps. I made that hat from scraps, tis her fav I admit Ravelry is killing me, I spend wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too much time looking at everything on there and not enuff time knitting or packing... Damn that site. lol


Sasha said...

Hellooo! Awesome to see all your updated FOs and all the fabulousness you were telling us about tonight!! Great socks - I'm definately going to use that 8ply trick in the future!! And I totally agree about Ravelry.. there should be some sort of self help group or something..

Inoriz said...

I've said this once and I'll say it again - your boy/man is handsome!
If I were single.......................................

shazzy said...

yeah he is a little cutie hey, had hes first girlfriend at 3 and they just flock around him. At 18 hes looking good lol. I can say one thing I used to say to his dad, "how can two uglies make such gorgeous kids" lol,

KA said...

Hey Shaz hows it going! Where are you moving to? Email me! Miss chatting to you@!

Inoriz said...

You've been tagged! Check out the rules here:

Anonymous said...

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