Friday, April 04, 2008

a real real real quick one,

Just to say we are all alive and busy busy busy... Moving to Koorda in 2 weeks and atm am just packing the small load of final stuffs and living like squatters in this house till we move out. All our stuff is gone already and unpacked and put away in the new house. even beds made and towels put out lol

Just doing the general bloody cleaning to vacate the place. Im struggling a little but press on it must be done, Im so thankful, the house is clean and tidy anyways, tis really just the yard and outside that needs some love and I will pay someone for that.
Elbow has finally cracked up and is killing me or as Snotty says "its caning me mum" lol.
I cant get into the specialist till early May and just have to suffer till then, I cant straighten it or pick anything up without either dropping it or a shooting pain going on. Bloody arthritis should be shot I say. Worst bit is its my right elbow and Im right handed bummer. Cant wait for that HUGE needle of local and cortisone ahhhh relief.

Very little knitting getting done,(hurts way too much to knit)but I did alot of little babies things for Snottys mate, who had a little girl. Twas fun making little pink things again. Now onto Blue for Smells friend.

When we get settled and I have worked out how the hell to put the puter back together I will post some pics of the new house and the town in general. Lovely little place, small school and tis soooooo quiet there, the only noise we heard for 2 weeks we stayed there last month, was the burring of air cons, including ours.

Ill leave it till then. Just wanted to let you know we are alive still.



Lushorama said...

MAY??? WTF???? Geez, you have to plan months in advance to need medical help these days.....that sucks big fat ones, I'm sorry....

Katt said...

glad to hear you are all alive..although perhaps a little in pain for you.

hope you all get settled into the new house and happy real soon. look forward to hearing more from you.

and bugger about not being able to knit much :(

Anonymous said...

??? how come you have to pay someone to do the yard work? Doesnt your 'spunk' help you out with all this? If my fella didnt help and I was paying someone else Id be kickin his proverbial!

Inoriz said...

Hugs and Love!

shazzy said...

ahhhh to anonymous..... the spunk is busy working his last week this week and after sitting in a truck for 10-11 hours a day Im sooo not going to think of asking him to do the yard, hes been busy helping me inside. Besides Its my house, and the hitler of Property managers is expecting a professional job and I do have a extremly LARGE yard, trees and Garden area.