Sunday, June 01, 2008

quick quick quick, the bastards lied....

for fuck sakes people....we are on bloody dial up again. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
TELSTRA LIE PEOPLES. and then they think they can get ya for "breaking your contract"... haha, NOT me, they did break it, but not me... NOT paying peoples. ALSO telstra and their NEXT G... hello I cant get coverage and I live in town and go out of town 2 kms and get it., stuff you matey.
Also Centrelink SUCKS big time (step back here later in week for that episode) lol....

BUT in saying all this we love it here.....

pics pics for my knit sibs and family......hey

I promised ya pics of Koorda... so here they are.... the first is the pub of course....
Opens at 4pm, and 12pm on Saturdays, so make sure ya bring your beer with you. lol. Cause you might be waiting awhile yanno.... lol

The hub of life in Koorda.... the IGA>...
Newsagent, lotto, cafe, supermarket and local meeting place... Run by the sweetest couple who work their butts off for our tiny town. Best bit is they have secured me copies of Yarn Mag and Simply knitting every month... Yayyyy

oooooooo our servo.... BUY your petrol during the week peoples, we havent worked out how to get it weekends yet, run by card system> DOESNT like wankbest cards.

This is the Local "fashion shop" ...
been open a few times since we have been here, has some knitting needles in a jar on a shelf, some brown non descript wool from like 20 years ago and some god damn awful shoes, but still we have a dress shop. She has some buttons and some material I think if not rotted on rolls.

We have a butcher, open mondays to fridays, book your meat in advance, they have to breed and feed the animal and kill it first lol... BTW the spunk and his sister in pic....

The red cross op shop and CWA craft shop.... as I say to the spunk.... "I have more craft in my stash than they would have seen over the past 25 years in that store", But the ladies are lovely and they have great hearts and hey Ive picked up a few bargains at the oppy, BTW I will be back Tuesday to pick up something I seen out the front in a box today lol.
Also in town is the CWA hall [insert pic here, when broadband arrives in town or next post] where they run the local paper the "narkal notes" every monday and do CWA secret womans stuff. Im not sure yet if I wannna join em... Is it like Girl Guides... Do I havta salute and make promises I cant keep????????????

Looky here tis a post office, [insert pic here, when broadband arrives in town or next post]tis where our mail and the parcels you send go, "what you havent sent me a survival package", shame on you..... JUST JOSHING YA.

Brins school.[insert pic here, when broadband arrives in town or next post] 30+ kids, lovely school. most welcoming. Brins loves it heaps.....

Now we do have a swimming pool and a police station and 2 churches, "want a organ?????? they are giving them away up here......haha.. CONTACT MOI.

We also have a bowling club, golf "cough cough" course and a medical centre... dont be sick the day the doc aint due ok... monday and thursday only....We have a tip, a ses unit, a ambulance and the hub of life in farming the local CBH... storage for grains.

We have a Library, they must all think Im mad, Ive already ordered and booked like 12books to be sent in already.... CAN you believe NOT ONE library book on knitting. .... and then the other day I found a poncho book that they just got in, well I had to borrow it just to read yanno ;)IM SOOOOOOO ASHAMED

Knitting wise.... Ive done Brins pinwheel cardi, another pink cardi, Brins beeeee socks, mitts etc for Ms Skye-leigh and nearly a hemlock blankie. a pair of socks for brins that were toooo small. shhhesssh when did that child grow.. ?????????lengthened Ms Skyes pants and made 1/2 pair more... BUT I need a jumper so thats next, shove ya all I say..haha

The local ag show is in Sept and I intend to knock the old ladies starting with some hip knitting. Ive had strange looks here, saying I knit, they are all into Sports. (VOMIT) and scrap booking (DOUBLE VOMIT)... I will show em all.

Arm is till sooooo totally dicky, been to specialist, gotta go get x rays, ct scans etc (When I win lotto) and go back. arrrrgh. Bloody quacks,,, I have a dicky arm.. fix it I say.

Ok I think I have used all the dial up. tis very slow again....Ive been trying to upload the same pic for 28 mins sooo far.


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