Wednesday, March 22, 2006

ok who can tell me.....

what the hell I have bought and what am I gunna make with
I was browsing at the oppy shop, as you do. There is always heaps and heaps of cones of yarns etc. I have often admired some, but always looked and put back. Till today. Today I touched and this was sooooooo soft. Ok The label inside says....
Cashmilon Turbo Yarn.... and some numbers but thats it. Made in Singapore. I would say its a 1 ply, but in saying that I have never seen a 1 ply hahaha. Its a cream colour and there is alot of it.
What the hell do I do with it????? I welcome all suggestions. BTW I do have some of those under 1mm needles if that will help suggestions lol.

Ok in other stuff. I tried and tried to do the heff that funky hat yesterday but yanno it was a pain in the arse so after bout 2 hours I gave up. Yanno I now realise why I dislike "novelty yarns". I just cant get it right. But I will perservere, just not this year hahaha.
Instead I was a BAD BAD BAD BAD girl and started Brins jacket, Im so bad hey. This is the start of the back. Its done in Cleckheaton Merino Supreme, and if any one has the light blue Im looking for a spare ball or two. Im not sure now I have started I will have enuff *oops*. Its colour 2219 and the dyelot is 739067 but ya neva know if someone has some in their stash they are willing to sell moi, I would be happy to buy lol.
Ive done another set of rows since I took this pic, it grows so fast and Ive got the hang of the pattern now, so the back should take me till tomorrow to finish.

Just been browing on the auspinners site and wow I want this book hey, and yesterday I seen Stitch n bitch has a crochet book out. Happy Hookers I sooooooooooooo want that book too.

well not much else has happened. Im off to make some bread in my breadmaker, put some soup on, I am making potato and spinach soup for dinner and I have some knitting to do and some dvds to watch. I be back lata maybe.


Leeanne said...

Your blog is fun to read. I like the bright pink hat and your little "heffalump" is just adorable.

shazzy said...

ta for that Leeanne, glad to have you on board so to speak.


Katt said...

I LOVE the cardi you are making Brins!

Dunno what you can make out of that yarn. Could try dying it? a very fine lacy shawl perhaps?


melissa said...

I have the same yarn .. except in green ..I'm guessing a cobweb shawl ..?? It knits up beautifully on small needles .
I have just been checking out a few different blogs on the ring and i'm seeing that every one has great op shops ..except me ...! tadophile has me awe struck with her finds .!!
any way, nice reading you !

Katt said...

maybe you could dye some up with food dye hun and find a nice lovely lace pattern?


Anonymous said...

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