Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Got some nasty lurgy

feeling like total crap, trying to finish a jumper for once said designer and looking after sick child also with said lurgy.... I will be back just not today

LOOKING DESPERATLY: for a Alan Dart (i think) knitting pattern for Piggley Winks that UK show that is on ABC.... the spunk loves this show and I would love to make him a piggley of his own and brins loves the duck.
Any help appreciated, Looked on ebay and usual other places. Does anyone have a copy of this pattern??????

Be back soon. Bloody nose is running away from me again


Katt said...

Glad to hear you arent dead..Though sounds like you arent far off it!

Hope you are feeling better real soon!

We have to catch up on msn some time soon! Its been ages.


Ozfemme said...

Oh yes! Piggley Winks! Hope the lurgy leaves soon or that mucous becomes a valuable resource. :)

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY!