Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Just a quick....


Ok Im all over the lurgy thing. (I think I am anyway) Hit me real hard it did.

What have I been doing?????
well see here

this is what my Saturday arvo consisted off. The spunk has a mate thats a pilot who promised me almost a year ago to go flying... well due to him being overseas or me working or being caught up with Brins etc I have missed out till now.

I had a ball, well ok except maybe it was too early to go flying after being so sick and I had a sinus attack where it felt like a hot poker being stabbed through my eye. But hey what could be more pleasant than a arvo flying.

This is taken overlooking Kwinana, Western Australia where we live and

this is to the other side, Where the spunk and I wanna live.
OMG you all say, "you live near the ocean and wanna move away"......ummm hell yeah, we live near the refineries that use that ocean.... Besides, how can I have sheep and chooks here. I need space hahaha

And me scoffing myself with red wineover the school hols, Brins took this pic. Im on a red wine and junk food diet, Since giving up smoking 6 months ago I have put on almost 10 KILOS>>>>> OMGODESSS

Started the spunks other socks and have put em down for a bit while I make the heff some socks and Brins needs more socks, she outgrew the lovely ones Katt made for her. I need socks too. I made myself these and the spunks washing machine stole one. Its been 2 months and I still cant find this missing sock anywhere.

Today I officially became a student again. Im doing a tafe course for the next semester doing some business thingy.

And my biggest news, My hands hurt, like they really really hurt, esp my thumbs, Im having trouble knitting, I feel like its all gunna end. Maybe I just need a damn good rest of em, I dont know. HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

Also in breaking news, look what the spunk bought for moi to use. I love it. A retro kitchenette to make more beautiful. Ok so it may not be ur cup of tea, but it suits his old kitchen really well. And besides I finally got more bench space lol.

Its taken me since yesterday to get the pics up so today is now Wednesday and the cherub starts back at school today, yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yahooooooooo. And I have my orientation day at tafe. Mmmm wonder if theres a knitting group there, we are opposite spotlight haha.

Ok pics all done and Im off to get myself dressed.... wonder if I should go conservative or normal or dress as I normally do and scare eveyone off from talking to me.

Ciao all. Enjoy ur day.

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Katt said...

oooh wouldnt get me in a plane again in a hurry!! lol..and its been over 10 years since I was last in one! LOL

Socks are cute

Love the retro kitchen.

How is granddaughter?