Thursday, July 20, 2006

Still sick but feeling a....

tad betterer.

Sheesh talk bout sick hey. Thought I was ready to die, wasnt just a slight cold as I thought. I think I had the flu, still got it but at least Im not feeling like Im on my deathbed today. I thought I was over it on Saturday and ended up back at the spunks, thinking I was ok. Then it hit my chest. oh golly gee. But today besides I still got the mucus thingy happening at least my brain feels like mine again.

So what Ive been doing besides dying, I made the spunk his socks for his birthday and its like a crime to get them off his feet, as I was finishing them off and sewing in ends etc, he was putting them on his feet. He loves them so much and Im sooo glad.Im atm making a 2nd pair so at least I can get these in wash more, lol. Made using Cleckheaton Country Naturals 8ply, I love this wool for socks as it has viscose and akkkrylic, but only 10% so just enuff to add some strength too. It also has like little slubs of a brown yarn all thru it. Hence the "natural" thingy. Doesnt look so bad mixed with Malamute fur either haha
I used the blueberry waffle pattern (google it) and have now got it downpat for his feet, my feet and brins feet sizes.

Also I made and finished a jumper for once said designer, using a silk mix yarn in like chunky. loved the wool, the colour didnt do anything for me, but loved the jumper when completed. I like doing this knitting, I get to knit stuff out of wool I know I would never be able to afford to buy myself.

I want to make me a jumper now, I bought a few weeks ago 18 balls of the wool Kmart had on special. I think its a 12 ply or abouts so I will start thinking bout what I want over the next few days and get that started. I have 12 balls of white and 6 in the pink.

We had a bit of a stormy few days 2 weeks ago and for those that read my blog last year would know we had a tornado hit thru our area in May last year that did heaps of damage. But this year we took measures to protect that we love yes its the Harley in the loungeroom. The shed it resides in started to shake and rattle, so we hauled it inside for a few days.

Ok well not much has really happened, its school hols here and Im on my bestest behaviour. lol Nah Brins has been really good actually, Poor thing was sick for a few days too0, shes going to her dads tomorrow for 3 days so Im soooooooooo looking forward to that hey, Me and the spunk will just chill out and enjoy the silence I think.

Oh I got a new puter desk, well actually its the spunks, His puter broke so I got the desk haha. Feels funny cause Its clean and doesnt have all my shit on it yet.

Ok Im gunna go and scoff down more chook and garlic soup and sit and knit his socks for a bit.


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