Thursday, September 21, 2006

all moved in

ok I will have my computer up and running hopefully by monday. my lovely sister is coming to visit from Sydney and being the puter nerd i remember she was, i will let her do the fixing for moi...
Update on moving house... All moved in, I love it, brins loves it, the hound dog loves it and the spunk hasnt left since we moved in.So to sum it all up, we all love it heyWill put a decent post up next week for you all with pics to see etc etc
im so behind on peoples blogs and my podcasts too. Cant wait to start browsing them all and downloading my pods

Catch ya all next week

Miss everyone

1 comment:

Katt said...

so when do I get to see you online again to chat!?!?!

Glad to read you are all settled into your new place.