Monday, October 02, 2006

Ahhhhhhh pics as promised and.......

The puter is up and running, thanks to my sweet sister Kim. Shes such a genius (in case shes reading this) and cause Im so blonde I couldnt do it. Well duh Im not a brainy person sometimes.

So Ive got some pics..... I can do that right ..... or can I ???? LOL
Firstly there is a pic of the front of my house. Notice the roses. They are like 30+ years old some of them and OMGODDESS they are gorgeous, some opening up to the size of a dinner plate too. Hey what you think about my fish tank in the wall. This separates the loungeroom and dining. Very retro.

Check this out for a light hey..... Ive never really seen one in a house before. I recall a caravan somewhere. This is on a brick wall painted green in my loungeroom. I think its a feature wall?

And heres a pic of my kitchen ....See the cupboard in the corner it swivels all the way around... sorta like a spice rack I guess..... the cupboards are all angled and sorta caravany in a caravany way. I personally think the original owners (who moved out a few months ago, dreamed of a gypsy life) And from what I hear they are travelling around Australia, so maybe the house was the preparation lol ...... Oh Oh Oh I have to show you the wall paper in my kitchen and dining... I love it

And a final shot for today of roses out of my garden.

I have to say I am soooooooooooooooooooooo happy here hey. Including the severe allergy to the privet bushes out the back that, that gorgeous spunk of mine is getting rid of for me tomorrow. Hes a gem hey.
At the moment I have the hound dog staying with me while the spunk gets a new fence up, shes so sweet too.
Brins is thrilled, she has a huge games room up the back she can play all day in. And being school hols I guess I wont see her much.... yipppeee (ooops).

Knitting wise.....

havent done much at all. hands hurt, trying to do swatches for once mentioned designer, but heck whats the point in making rectangles really, gunna pack it all up this week and send back with a sorry note. A woman cant function if nothing comes from it I say........ Or as I said to the spunk, look what I have been reduced to knitting..... sheesh. But I wanna make Skye a teddy, so thats next.... Just gunna do what I WANT for a bit. ... when I WANT, with no timeframes.

I have also learned mosiacs past month and I find it quite relaxing, so Im gunna do more of that now I have a big back patio.... (to be shown in next blog, with my KNITTINGROOM) and pics of yard. Am gunna make me a big table for out the back covered in mosiac.... just need a design or a idea atm.

Ok its taken me all day to get this done, had smell and the heff over and the spunk this arvo after work and picked brins up from her dads, so its now dinner and I wanna go sit for a bit....


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Katt said...

I know the feeling about tossing in the towel for "work" knitting. I havent done much for Kerry for a month. I have 2 jumpers, 2 pair of socks, assorted odd socks and assorted odd parts of jumpers done for her. Will have to really hit it now I have finished my dishcloth swap stuff.

When you gonna have msn again so we can chat again?

You house looks gorgeous! Am jealous!!