Friday, September 01, 2006

Im still alive and ....

computerless atm...

Lots happening.... Bought a drop spindle of ebay and it included a cd of instructions ( that between you, me and the garden gate I dont understand) Anywhos, thats the only cd thats been near my puter and I havent downloaded anything , but puter is broken now... Still trying to fix and atm using libraries cause the spunk is computerless too, but he rebooted his as in put his boot thru it lol.

Also moving to a new and bigger house in 2 weeks and its so retro 70's its so me haha.
Will get pics when the puter works and put em up for looksee

Skye getting bigger and last night crawled around lounge floor for her nanny. good girl. she will drive her mother batty, Paybacks a bitch I say.

knitting wise. I finished 3rd jumper for once before mentioned designer, using black kid mohair, loved it, hated it, made it, sent it, finished. Apart from that not much, finished Brins monkey I started a year ago and just doing little things, Hands are hurting too much to do anything really.

Ok My time is up, Im missing you guys, Im missing my podcasts, Im missing having my camera etc etc etc



Katt said...

been missing out chats online!!

Hope you get puter back real soon!

Looking forward to seeing piccies of stuff you have done.

How are things with you and spunk?


shazzy said...

spunk is great, Im great, we are great lol. Things are going dandy and fine. Im missing chatting with you too my mate. Puter is fixed but I cant confiqure the bloody modem atm and besides Im supposed to be packing. Im doing the library thing again while Im at school lol. Still doing my course. I will send ya a mobile pic of house and my addy etc next week when I officially move in ... yippeeeee I so cant wait. Think Brady Bunch house and thats it haha.
Ciao, enjoy ur bike watching girl.