Tuesday, October 24, 2006

pics and links revisited haha.....

Ok here goes. Actually the spunk posted the last bit from a draft I started and thought Id lost when the puter froze..... OMGoddess he found my blog. *blank stare*.
oh Im so cracking up here hey. Oh well I guess he knows how I feel about him now.
So if your reading this ..... I do love you very much, you are my main man.
So apologies for no pics or links lol.

Here's a few pics as promised..... firstly some pics of my workroom,
as you can see I STILL havent unpacked. For some strange reason part of me feels missing cause of it, but it just hasnt been top of my list, as long as I had knitting here inside I was fine. Mind you I have started a "mini stash" in my bedroom in a spare drawer. I will have to rectify that, cause the whole idea of this workroom was that apart from the imediate thing Im knitting everything else stayed in that room. I have soooooooo many knitting books I didnt realise hey, I have a bookshelf in the that I will fill easily, when I pack em in there, atm they are piled on the bench and believe me those orange curtains u can see a climpse of ARE GOING... lol gross
Dont ya love the sign on the door......
So when the doors rocking, dont come aknocking
This is my back patio area and a small section of my back yard.

Pic of Brins and her new book from the op shop..........and the hounddog....
and a pic of my newest fav thing to do, Im addicted to mosaic... lol. This was my first thing I ever did, I will be putting a mirror in the middle and hanging in my dining room, as you can see the colours of the tiles match the wallpaper completly hahaha

Yanno Im exhusted after all that....

so the links can wait till later

ciao enjoy


Katt said...

oooh your secret is out now that Spunk knows about this blog!! lol

Heeeey my blog has vanished from your sidebar!! sob sob..

Oooh I want a craft roooooom!!!! And I love the sign on the door!

aaaaaw I want a hound dog!!

ooooooh mosaic!! I have always wanted to try my hands at that.


shazzy said...

awww you want alot of things woman hahaha. And Im soooooooooooo not sharing the hound dog. OK

yup he knows lol. Why does he think Im strange??? *blank stare*

mmm yup I just noticed all has gone from the side bar including my aussie blog thingy... mmmm I gotta work out how to get em back. Im sooo computer illiterate yanno. maybe I should just pay someone to do it all for me hey

Mosaic is fun hey, Im doing a table atm, will show piccies when I do some more, Its a pentagram table.
You should find someone to show you how to do it hey, I learnt at local spotlight store, bout 6 hour course all up and I really enjoyed it


Mell_Mummy2Skye-Leigh said...


here mummy, 2 new pics of Skye-leigh on there, havent done anything else.

blogs are silly so im gonna do a geocities website.