Thursday, November 16, 2006

Im back for a min...

Well actually Im sitting at Tafe thinking I really should do a post, Ive been wanting to for the past 2 weeks, but yanno like gets away from you and I still didnt do it.

Ok news in detail.... Making myself some socks from Live2knit's tutti fruity 4ply that I have dubbed fruit tingles. They are slowly coming along, with the spunks homespun alpaca socks and a blanket Im doing a row or two a night.

Mel is moving to South Australia in a few weeks, OMG what will I do without my girls. I will miss my smelly and skye hey.

The spunk is staying at my place atm, while he sells his house and then I guess he will leave and move away. I am trying not to think of that, cause I dont know what hes thinking. I dont know what life holds. And I admit Im sooo scared.

Oh well life goes on I guess.

Ok ive upset myself here. I will be back, bright and cheery with some pics etc


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