Friday, February 24, 2006

mmmm I think the knitting olympics can do without ......

ME. hahaha

Ok I admit defeat this time. I have a abudance of excuses, namely Im not feeling myself at this present time and havent been for the past 5 days. My blood pressure seems to have hit a all time high and I have a massive headache etc etc... Been to the docs. Gotta rest etc etc etc blah blah blah and a few blood tests and a BIG needle later and I still feel like crap.

I have done a row here and there, but no, IT wont be finished by the required date. It will be finished cause I bloody want it for riding on the bike. Just not by the 26th. I wanna take this chance to congratulate all those that have taken part and have completed their projects and those that are dawdling like me. Heck congrats for trying.
Done a few rows on Brins school cardi as well, but then thats almost completed. That will be a thorn from my side. Im so ova that cardi hey. Plain, blue and boring

Think I need a ride on the bike. I find that extremly relaxing and tomorrow night the spunk and I are gunna do a little night time riding, so am looking forward to that. But for now I will leave you with a small pic of the mini cherub. Isnt she precious

Im going to sit and browse my latest issue of Simply Knitting and have a cuppa.


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Katt said...

Aaaaaaaaaw Mini Cherub is gorgeous!!

Rest up hun! High Blood Pressure isnt a good thing. And ya know I dont want to hear that something has happened to you cos you havent rested like you were told! lol

Yep know that feeling about Brins School Cardi. Harley's was boring blue and if it wasnt Rib I would have gone totally bonkers! The rib kept me sane.