Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Pics of the .....

Kitties and of my little "heffalump" lol.
Kitties born 27th feb 2006
3 boys, 1 girl

The Heffalump woke this morning with her first toof.... Shes only 13 weeks old. sheeesh.

I went and had the blood sucked outta me this morning haha. Well she could have been a vampire, it bloody hurt and she took lots. Hopefully they are ok. Im not gunna ponder on it for the rest of the week till I find out the results.

Just about done with the bloody boring school cardi. I have half a sleeve to go and the band.... but cheating with the band and doing it sideways, cant be stuffed doing 8 stitch crap.
I also have finally finished a gorgeous pink chenille bag brins asked me to do early last year, all sewn, decorated and she loves it.
I will Hopefully get some pics of some finished things this week...my camera is flat and I just not gunna buy batteries till next week.

Ok I have like a hour and a half till I go get her majesty from school so I wanna try finishing this cardi.

Next I wanna do Her majesty and the heffalump matching zhivargo jumpers.... I have the summer colours from last year. (minus the blue... sob sob, bloody couldnt get a ball lol). So I have orange, yellow, pink and green, more of the pink and orange....

Any ideas on how to stripe them????????????

Ok ciao


Katt said...

ooooh kitties are cute. Is the mother accepting the little ginger one now?

aaaaaaaaaaaw little "Heffaump" is gorgeous! And a new tooth already!?!? WOW..

Cant wait to see piccies of some of your finished products!


Ozfemme said...

Heffalump is gorgeous - those eyes! Mine got their teeth early too, I think it's a sign they are super smart when that happens... I hope your test results are okay too - that's a lot to deal with.