Tuesday, February 28, 2006

We have kitties again

Yes yes and before any of you have a go for me letting her have kitties again. IT WASNT MY FAULT. I swear it. She was still feeding, they wernt totally weaned and in a "dory" voice, she escaped. Little did we know she was pregnant again till it was desexing time. Oh well accidents happen and all is good and everyone is well

This time she popped out 4 kitties in record time. we have 2 Ginger boys, a grey with white feet boy and a bloody torti girl..... Im sooo annoyed at her for the torti. Ive always wanted one never had one and I cant keep this one, grrrrrrrrrr. At the moment she is slightly rejecting a ginger boy, he was the first born and she left him on the loungeroom floor as she wandered off to have the next 2. Today she keeps moving him away from the others. If things dont improve it may be a case of handrearing.

And again shes happy for us to look, feel and admire her offspring. Mel played midwife this time as I was in Freo with the spunk having some tests done. Missed all the excitment.

Life in the past few days was totally shit. I had a little tiff well ok a HUGE tiff with the spunk. but after numerous emails, sms's and grrr stuff all is well again and there will be no more misunderstandings, cause yanno my blood pressure and old heart couldnt handle another weekend like the last. To those shaking their heads saying why the hell didnt she ring him or go and talk this out instead of emails etc, well. to tell you the truth I couldnt, I was sooooooo angry and upset, I would have said and did things I would regret. Besides I couldnt see straight, besides 2 days of crying I had also taken some pain killers for my huge headache and couldnt possibly have walked out of my front door. But as I said all is well, We both realised how much we missed each other just ova 2 days and that we dont wanna fight again. Im happy now.

This morning Im off to have a cholestrol test, my thyroid and diabetes tests. Yanno I never had a prob with dibetes till I was pregnant with brins, and then was ok for a few months then bad again. Type 2, controlled by diet. The thyroid thing has sorta been a ongoing thing that likes to swing either way sometimes, But yanno since I found out I have Coeliac disease and wheat Intollerant and stopped all gluten and wheat products, both conditions improved 100%. TILL NOW. Ive been guzzling soo much water I feel like a fountain atm and thats not good. Hopefully todays tests will come back ok and that the cholestrol is good, cause yanno I love my cholestrol hahaha. Sheeeesh if I cant have my bacon and eggs with all the trimmings every sunday morning with the spunk my life will end.
Ok im off to sort out the childs hair go have these tests and continue on the horror school cardi. hate hate hate it it it


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Katt said...

I am glad you and Spunk have sorted things out. And I do hope he appologized a LOT! The whole situation was rediculous.

Oooooh more kitties!!! Which reminds me gotta get Tara desexed soonish. I bet the Tortie is gorgeous! I hope she doesnt reject the one she is for much longer. Mostly mother cats can tell when something is wrong with a kitten and thats why they reject them. I hope all ends up well.

Well you get to look forward to Brin looking good for school when her cardi is done!