Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sooooooooo what did everyone get for Valentines Day???? huh huh huh....

Me I got.......... nothing.

well ok nothing for Valentines Day BUT I got the most gorgeous silver necklace with a heart on it for my birthday... From the spunk of course. *sigh*. I so love him lol.

I also got for the big one, Red Dwarf VII on dvd and a Happy 40th piccie frame from the older girls, Brins gave me a lovely champagne glass gel candle. Im sooo spoilt. I spent the day doing what I wanted, went grocery shopping and bought what I liked for a change and laid by the pool, and watched my dvd and then enjoyed a lovely dinner with my fav 3 peoples /dog. It was great.
I gave the spunk some gorgeous black satin boxers, I cant wait to see them on him wooohooo.

In knitting news, well I aint done much a few rows really, its been way too hot here and I couldnt be stuffed. I gave up on the Irish Hiking Scarf for the spunk as my Olympic thingy cause I guessed he would hate it and yup he would, sooooooo Ive decided the pink angora one for me was in order. So I started it, done about 20cm I guess, maybe more, Ive decided not to measure it till I feel its long enuff. So as punishment to myself for weasling out of the cable scarf. Im doing the pink one in cable rib and started a black ribbed one for him too, whether I finish both by the end is something else. Whether I finish ANY by the end would be a miracle. Im still trying to finish Brins school cardi too and still have time to ride the bike, and look for a job. I need a few more hours in my day.

Apart from that not much has happened, I did move into the spunks for a few days last week, needed a breather from here and yanno I think when we finally get off our lazy arses and move in together, we will be fine. We just seem so easy in that situation. Even Brins settled in to a routine. We all did really, the dog included. Brinley got to wake up to me and the spunk for her birthday as he had the day off, and that was like the most normal thing really. We spent a lovely weekend with his daughter as well. With a gorgeous roast for dinner sat night and off to the pub for a lunch Sunday.... SOOOOOO spoilt we are. Its so hard walking out that door though. Monday I was in tears, we been there for 5 days and neither Brins or I wanted to go. Seems silly in some aspect but seems normal too.

Ok I gunna go make some brunch, sit and watch some more Red Dwarf and maybe do a row or two with the fan on high, not as hot today but very humid and sticky.

Ciao for now

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Katt said...

The necklace is gorgeous! Thanks for showing it to me...

The weather has heated up down here too...I am just glad that I got my Knittiny Olympic project finished already cos I wouldnt have been able to handle the cardi in the heat.