Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Its been a while again...


Ok the usual, been busy, been not here etc etc

what have I been up to hey mmmm

Been on a few rides on the bike, (need to finish that bloody pink scarf for that too, brrrrr), been here maybe bout 3 days in the past 14. So not much is really happening around here. I did sort out my little corner I used to shove my stuff on and now it looks more pleasant to look at, whipped out some jars to store my needles and generally tidied up the books and mags. This is the first thing thats seen from the doorway of my study so I was always conscience of the way it was.

Done some knitting while at the spunks, not as much as I could have or would have, had I not cut my thumb on a potato peeler and bloody hell it was killing for a few days hey, too red and angry to knit with. Bit of shock for him that I wasnt knititng I think, but he made me cuppas and we ate some chocolate and he tended to my sore with elastoplast so all is good, and yesterday I managed a few rows. And to help move ova 400 pavers we managed to get for free.

Progress on Brins cardi has gone slow for me. I have done the back and 1 & 3/4 sleeves. (I like to do these first or second as not to leave em till sleeve island where I can ignore em)
<<<<The fronts will be started today but I may come to a standstill as I am still afraid I will run out of wool. So anyone that hasnt checked their stash for that lonesome ball of cleckheaton merino supreme I urge ya .... HELPPPPPPPPPPPP . Col: 2219 dyelot: 739067 its light blue and I pay for it and give it a good home I promise.

While browsing on my old puter stuff the other day I found these I will share with ya. This was a jumper I did for Brins ooooo bout 4 years ago. Made with cleckheaton country and just a jumper I designed liked and made, she loved it and this year will be her first year she wont wear it *sob*. Time to pass it on
And remember the very first issue of Creative Knitting we all gushed over. Everyone was making these shawls using their scraps, this is mine.... I put the buttons on it and since then have hated them, this year they come off. Yes I still use mine. Its warm and cosy. I have some feathers in there, but most of it was made with wool, mohair, alpaca, and angora. I didnt bring this out last winter unless I was home alone. I was scared that it would scare off the spunk But hes so got used to what I knit and wear now. This past weekend has been a little chilly and I could have done with it, so it comes out of hiding to be shown and admired. (or hated if you want)
This Pic is of me. Brins took it the other week on her camera. Poor kid just hasnt got the hang of pic taking yet, but shes improving. Think it would have been a great pic without the suns ray all over it, but it adds mystery I say. U can see me but ya cant hahaha. Id just had my hair cut a few days before and since then its grown back the inch I lost and another.
Ok I need to go and find some clothes, since we aint home much most of my wardrobe lives in my car and other places. I have a heap of washing from the weekend and the spunk has the day off so I dont wanna waste it doing the mundane. Hes off visiting his mates this morning so I wanna get done before he gets home.
Enjoy ur day and remember 2219 739067 cleckheaton merino light blue *evil laff*
I leave you with the

word of the week.......
*Bonkers* (as if you do that again Im gunna go bonkers)

Quote of the week........
There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness."


Yuli said...

I like the way you store your needles. The blue sheep is so cute!

shazzy said...

ta, Just a glass vase and a old pottery cookie jar from the op shop for $2. I stored my needles in rolls made by my bestest buddy for years, but I felt the need to look at them. I dont use 95% of them as I am addicted to my circs but it makes a nice statement seeing them. Oh and the sheep is black, didnt really show in the pic hey, hes my reminder I am the black sheep of my family. lol
Loved ur blog, i can see u are a cat person like moi. hahaha

Katt said...

bugger about the yarn! I am always worried about running out when it looks like getting low (I always err on waaaaay too much then not enough yarn! lol).

I am already bonkers so will enjoy having you join me! lol

Your knitting corner looks neat..mine is a bit of a mess most the time.