Tuesday, April 18, 2006

its finished... its finished....

Im doing a little dance here. Brins jacket is done, completed, finished. Heck Im in love with it too. Finished it on the weekend and besides the fact I didnt block but will when I wash it etc,
I think its lovely... (collar up view)
(proper view). Pic looks a little squiff, but its just the angle its taken on.

The spunk says Im clever ooooo, isnt that sweet.
AND I have enuff of the wool left over to make her a matching hat, when I get the chance. Meanwhile Ive been slowly doing some rows on the heffs little lacy jumper. Only a few rows since last entry.

Pics of the heff taken on Friday or was it Thursday, who knows lol. She was filling her little face with a bickie. Sheesh can that girl make a mess haha

Hope everyone had a great long weekend. We did, didnt go out riding but enjoyed the weekend at home with the spunks daughter. Its been a cold brrr few days ova here in the west. So sitting around snuggled up, with me knitting away was just what was needed.

School hols are on us and I am not gunna enjoy this, I can tell you. Already day 1 and Im outta pocket a few $$$ mmm. but we have hit the library and so shes got some vids, dvds and books to occupy her brain tomorrow.

Also to those remotely interested, smell has made her mummy a button to share. Shes gunna eventually redo my whole blog template for me but this is a start. Feel free to take from here just save to ur puter. I will get it permantly on the side bar when time permits....

Ok enuff dribble. as you can see this place is a bore.

Ciao for now


Katt said...

oh the cardi of dread looks great now its finished!!! Love it bet it looks great on Brins too!

ooooh Skyes cardi is coming along great. Love it. And she is a gorgeous little girl too.

Will have to put your button up when I get time to update my bloggie.


Lynne said...

Shazzy, love the jacket. Love the plans for the shop too - sounds very familiar!
Re my yarn: The paler (it honestly isn't much paler - still in your face lurid, just not much red in it) colourway of the four skeins of yarn from last week is still available (at $7.50 a skein), and the previous stuff, the two balls of 12 ply are waiting to go, $5 a ball. Email me at natiel3atyahoodotcom (unspam block it) if you are interested still.

Katt said...

Have you been able to do much knitting since the hip thing? What have you been up to knitting wise?