Monday, April 10, 2006

Thanks for the idea and link Donna, if I cant get it here, I will have to oder from over east. Going to Woolly Lattes in Perth tomorrow so I will go have a sticky there.

ok So I have calmed down and feeling a bit betterer. I spent the weekend curled up on the couch with the spunk, sneezing and crying and feeling like shit as it were. Even started to swell up a bit last night, that was scary. I knew the other day I wasnt feeling the best and it hit me hard on the weekend. Friday I was not myself. But Ive done a little knitting. And today I managed to get some groceries done, so we wont starve the week. Still not 100% but will just take it easy for a few more days. Damn Viruses should be banned I say.
I made Brins these on Friday night and Saturday morning while she was cleaning her room, the spunk was at work and I was watching disc 3 & 4 of the "darling Buds of May" series. I borrowed them from the library, cause it was always one of my fav shows. I so wanna be like Flo, shes my kind of woman. hahaha. Ok They are made with Shepards colour 4 me 8ply in the shades of blue, yellow, green and orange. Its a self stripping stuff. And I managed to make them identical.
I also knitted some of my Olympic scarf, yes yes that was ages ago but yanno I neva did finish it. But I am doing my ribbed bit on the neck then to do other side, so I hope to have it finished for this Friday for riding on the bike. Poor man is not exactly thrilled I intend wearing pink but heck its a nice contrast with the black leather I say. Besides its baby pink Merino/Angora mix and I love it and its mine mine mine . So *rasberries* at ya babe.

I also managed to start and almost complete one sleeve of Brins "mystery jumper" its a mystery cause yanno I really dont know what the hell Im doing but just making it up as I go. So I crocheted granny squares, joined em and am knitting on dpns the sleeve in the same mix of orange and pink as the body. Hopefully it will all come to me before winter finishes hahaha. Its soooooo gunna be a hippy top I need one too.
Speaking of bloody winter. Hello Im still friggen waiting for summer. Did someone forget us in the west. Oooops I forgot thats what WA stands for the "wait awhile" state. Well Im waiting for summer. I only just took the quilt off the bed a month back and last night it was cold enuff to have it back on. Talk about shit me off. I love winter, I love rain and overcast days etc etc etc, BUT I wanted a little summer too. Cant ride the bike when its raining and cold yanno.

Ok enuff of my little goss, my little head is starting to ache, its been a hard day doing the groceries and beleive me it took 4 hours to do it all. Im gunna go sit and watch 30 mins of my disc and chill before the cherub comes home and life begins again



Lynne said...

Hope you get over this bug soon - there's some nasty viruses doing the rounds, overseas too!
I've refound your blog - last time my browser crashed before I could bookmark your blog. 8-(
I think you make four GF knitbloggers that I know of, so maybe we should have a ring? Talk to you soon about the yarn.

Katt said...

Brins jumper is coming along great! Love the colours! I want one for my girls! lol It would look great with Rachelles loooooooong denim skirt and her soft pink boots.

Hope you get that ball or two of wool you are after.

Hope you are feeling better soon hun


melissa said...

Love your Gloves .. i've been bitten by the fingerless mitten bug as well. ..2 pairs done and another started ..