Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I think I might be the.......

Happiest woman ever atm...
I have possibly the last 3 balls available of the wool I was after in the dyelot I wanted. Managed to find it amongst balls of stuff in Crossways Wools in Subiaco..... It wasnt easy to find either due to all the other dyelots sitting there and some mixed in with the bag I found these three beauties. And it blew my cheap as chips jacket out the window cause for these three balls alone I paid $3 less than I did for the original 10 balls I bought on sale crap hey. Oh well they are mine and I will have this jacket finished in the next few days.
While I been waiting I been knitting stuff and this is the latest thing to come onto the needles thanks to the startitis virus I have. A little lacework jumper for the heff in Red Heart Soft Baby I picked up at Spotlight. Its called Frolic and is sooo pretty even for acccckrylic yarn. $5 a ball enuff to make some pretty for her. I will just put this down now while I go back to brins jacket. Dont ya just love the background colour of my lounge. I never get bored of looking at it. Its soooo gorgeous.
Katt have you found that cure yet for startitis, I think Im needing it.

Ok I have spent the morning driving around Perth doing stuff and me and Smell called into Woolly Lattes in Wembley.... have to say I wasnt really that impressed. I dont know what I thought it would be like, and it was a lovely shop dont get me wrong, but it wasnt my kind of shop... They had some Rowan there, Cleckheaton, Jo Sharp. heaps of Jo stuff in books and wool and frivioulous stuff by Pamela. Im sorta well ova the novelty yarns. They are sooo passe for moi. Some needles by Lisa G, and other bits and pieces. And basically that was it. We had a coffee which was nice, no food cause it obviously wasnt a Gluten Free day in there today and I browsed and didnt buy.... Now for me NOT to BUY something theres a HUGE problem hey. Even Smell agreed as a newbie knitter that she wasnt impressed.
Yanno for quite a few years now this has the been the shop I have wanted. A knitting cafe. Back to those days when Brins was a baby and I was on Maternity leave my brain was sorting thru making this shop happen. But alas money never came around and when it did a few years and a divorce later I spent it on other things, like new furniture, stuff for kids and a harley. I would do everything different to this shop. I wanna supply Perth with alot of natural stuff including fleece etc from local farmers esp alpaca and angora etc. Lots of homespun stuff. Home dyed and stuff yanno lol. Lots of gluten free foods, funky music, kewl couches and help yaself coffee. But until I win lotto it just aint gunna happen now lol. But heck I love the harley hahaha

So because I have spent the morning out I have 1 hour before its time to get Brins and Im gunna go watch the last dvd of Darling Buds of May and knit... ahhhh knitting. Its soooo destressing.

Ciao for now and I will leave you with the latest pic of the heff, aged 18 weeks now taken yesterday.


Sharon said...

The kind of shop you are describing is my dream also, but I just don't have the guts or the money to do anything about it :(

I love your comment on my blog and have to say, aren't all Shazzas just the best women in the whole world!!!!!

Katt said...

I havent found a cure for startitis yet..Need a cure for my rooted computer first.

Skye is looking more and more gorgeous every time I see a piccie of her!

Glad to hear you got the wool needed to finish up Brins cardi! Cant wait to see it finished.


Nola said...

Hi, I was wondering if you have any balls of the Moda Vera Piuma left? I'm trying to track down 2 more balls to finish a jumper I'm knitting for my daughter, but can't find any anywhere!! Even on the net!! Yours is the first site I've seen with it on, so thought I can only ask. I'm willing to pay for them!! Thanks heaps, my email address is jackandnola@iprimus.com.au if you can respond to that, I'd really appreciate it.