Tuesday, October 23, 2007

For my tea cosy buddy and other stuffs

Dear Tea cosy buddy,

Heres a little info in case you might need it.

*My teapot is 17cm high from base to knob on lid. Its 42cm from spout around to spout.

For comparasion Ive placed my newest baby, a little witch bear from woolies latest tiny bears collection

*I love breakfast teas, not big on fancy ones as alot have some gluten in the flavourings, as do the fancy coffees (bummer)

*I have a very 70's kitchen atm but am moving to a fairly bland kitchen in approx 6 months, BUT in saying that I am far from a bland person so anything kitsch is great. For my new kitchen wont be bland long *wink*
Heres a little bit of my kitchen atm.
Its really weird, everything is angled, its lovely and huge and I have cupboards everywhere mostly glass faced on the walls. Looks alittle like a caravan kitchen sometimes.

*I can only eat Gluten and Wheat free products, but love choccie, Unfortunatly the range there is limited but good old plain cadbury is great. Im partial to furry friends little chocs lol. love bicckies but again gluten free.

*I love to collect things and love dragonflys, hello kitty and anything witchy, and for a weird obsession I collect mice ornaments, (my nanna passed me her 500+ collection 20 years ago and every now and then I add another piece. lol)

*I love the smells of lavender, vanilla, rose and gardenias.
I hope this helps you if not feel free to ask me anything else.

Now for the rest of my post

I knit this Saturday arvo... Smells friend is having a baby and so I knit this for it. Really quick knit, loved the pattern, used Spotlights "dashing" and love the wool. I will knit more with this wool, gorgeous.

Also a pic of the first roses for the season..... I also picked a dozen long stem ones for a friends birthday on the weekend

Went to Koorda Sunday, and stayed at a friends and went yesterday to check out the house again and visit the school. Get this 37 kids, wow a little school. Great thats what we are after for Brins anyways.

Ok Im off to knit my cosy for my secret buddy.



Anonymous said...

Greetings from your swapper! I've been flipping back through your blog pages and have got some awesome ideas. Yarn's been bought now I just have to figure out how to bring the ideas to life.

Katt said...

Cute little bunny! What pattern is that?

Been to my etsy and checked out my wool? Ordered some more in to dye up just have wait (running low on range)

We gotta catch up on msn sometime soon girlie!!