Monday, October 15, 2007

Ive been a bad bad girl I have......Pic post

But ya see I got my Ravelry invite and well like most people that have, their blogs have been sadly negleted. Theres so much stuff to look at on it, you need 6 lifetimes to do it. haha
So Im Knitwytch on there, if you wanna sticky.

Ok Katt asked what did I knit for the bathurst weekend, well I have to admit nothing really, lol. First time for everything. Im so bad hey. Normally over Bathurst I make something in total. But not this time. I did wander around picking socks up and knitting a row here and there, but thats it.

Also IN BIG NEWS>>>>>> the spunk has bought us a house in a small wheatbelt town over here called Koorda. about 3 hours from Perth and a pop of 499 including us 3 lol. Settlement is Thursday and we wont be moving for a while. Its a holiday house while we wait the 6 months for the lease to run out here. Anyone near Koorda want a knitting buddy lol. check out the size of my chook run, complete with manderin, orange, peach, pear and apple tree and the usual aussie delight a lemon tree.

So some pics and stuff I guess. Ive been following The changlings $1 challenge and have to say Ive done bloody awright I 'ave. Firstly there was the buttons, A tube of various and totally gorgeous I must add, for $1.(cant find those pics) then the Barbara Walker treasury of Knitted Lace patterns for $1

and the other day, the 4 looms pictured below for $1

Ive also been knitting bits and pieces here and there. I picked up some bargains at spotlight.
5 Balls of cara cotton stuff for $5 and made this for Brins. its a little summer top.
And 13 balls of Katia Espigo for $12 to make me Soliel. Which Ive started.

Wow I made skye some slippers and started some more pants which have come to a standstill atm.

Im making some Monkey socks for me with Katts watermelon wool and some plain ones with some Lion Brand magic stripes
I got from spotlight for $3 a ball.
I started a little pressie for my boy, Oh he turned 18 on Friday but I didnt get it finished so xmas it will be now. So you will have to wait for then to see it.

I also finished a cardi I started making for Brins a few years ago, finished that for skye for winter.

Ive also been sewing and Grabbed another bargain. A sewing machine bag for $3 at the oppy. ITs a janome bag but my brother doesnt mind, she fits lovely.
I made these for Skye for her birthday. I went wild at spotlight the other week on pretty material. I made me a noice bag too.

Im such a money miser/bargain hunter. I picked these up for the donut for $7 at target the other week too. LOL look at those heels. meow.

I dyed some rovings too for when I learn to spin *cough cough* and Ive named it phoenix

And for his aunty Kim a pic of her fav nephew and neice

I will leave you with my fav pic,
Brins as a bee for Book Week. and Yup for the 2nd year in a row she won. lol.

Ciao for now its school hols still here for another 2 days and Im washing and reading ravelry. sooo naughty I am. Going to sit, watch another harry potter movie and knit for a bit then.


Sasha said...

Ohmigosh!! Talk about productive! Brins does indeed look super cute in her Bumble bee outfit - great job!! And if you want to learn to spin - I'm happy to teach you :)

Serena said...

Hey darlin' sorry it's been a while! Gee you've been busy where do i start! The Soliel looks lovely so far, where's the pattern from? The monkey socks are awesome, I love Katt's colours I've got some of her pansy colourway but am in hoarding mode and can't bring myself to use it yet! The phoenix looks great too, what dye did you use? Start spinnin girl! Then you can teach me :o) And how cute does Brins look as a bee - absolutely gorgeous!!