Thursday, October 25, 2007

just a quick one to say....

Hello stalker, nice to see you lol
Feel free to Ask anything I might have left out

And I was soooo rude not to put a link to that lambit (cause it is a cross between a lamb and rabbit

Ok back to the knitting. I plan today to finish one thing for my tea cosy partner and to finish one monkey sock lol, Like I will. I will probably keep reading my latest read Motley Crue 'the dirt'. Im loving it then Ive got a Bon Scott book to read...
NOTE***(u will notice amazon say this book aint released yet... well it is here. I picked mine up bout 3 weeks ago at Perth airport)

Ok cuppa time and time to get chook organised for school before I contemplate doing any knitting/reading/watching movies etc.

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Anonymous said...

Just your friendly neighbourhood stalker again - could you please post a pic of your teapot without the teddy standing infront of the handle?