Monday, October 29, 2007

quick one

for my favorite stalker...teapot without bear.

Cant stop to chat, but I have finished one monkey sock/
Ive made some little things for my stalkee. And Im sooooo having trouble with my tea cosy haha. Rip rip rip so many bloody times haha. I will get it right I will.
Oh and the new Harley gets picked up Friday..... oooooooh. 2008 softail, silver to match the car haha. Hopefully I will get a ride in the next few weeks, Im booked up with brin and the rain keeps dropping in.
and Im getting a new helmet cause you get one free and I so hate my full face one, I feel all squished in there. And we ordered a detatchable sissy bar so I can stop using my butt muscles so hard, apparently it will help with the bursitis in the hips. Apparently lol.
Im all excited cant you tell *grin*


Katt said...

I so want to see those Monkey socks!!!

And the new Harley too!!! Show show..LOL


shazzy said...

Harley we get tomoz. friday and monkey socks on my ravelery. I put em there for you, just one sock lol

Anonymous said...

just browsing through blogs and came across yours. who told you a sissy bar would make a difference? they lied, doesnt make any difference at all. and if you get an open face, welcome to the world of bugs, sand and rocks in your face, better off in a fullface. bikers have beards for a reason, to hide the scars and for protection. think hard about it

shazzy said...

well ive been riding, the sissy bar helped, a bit more relaxed and didnt fall off the bike when I got off, (as I usually did from pain). As for the helmet it has a visor on it and wow what a difference, Our town is FULL of bugs and not one. Sorry. But I enjoyed it

Anonymous said...

Just your secret swapper popping by again with a few Q's - favourite yarn or fibre and yarn type/weight - lace/sock yarn/DK something feltable?

BTW: I'm 85% done and getting very excited!