Monday, May 01, 2006

Just a quick....

one to let you know Im still alive...

firstly I have a pain sooo huge I wanna cry in my hip. (the pain not the crying lol). Ive been having pins and needles in my left hip for a few months now and esp at night I find it really shitty to get comfy. A few weeks ago it got painful and the spunk assured me the docs was where I needed to be, so I did and now I have to go have a xray and ultrasound on my hip on Thursday. He thinks it may be Bursitis or something like that. Google it if you wanna read more.
Im feeling like a bloody old woman now *sob*. Hence why no blogging has been done. I cant sit still for longer than a few mins at a time. Sooooooo instead I have found podcasts..... Oh my golly Im addicted hey. Does anyone else listen to podcasts?????? there are a few good knitting ones around and a few good comedy ones....

heres a link to some;
Cast on hosted by Brenda Dayne.. life and knitting
KnitCast hosted by Marie and knitting with interviews with knitting celebs
Secret Knitting hosted by Daniela.. This podcast you knit items along with Daniela as she tells you the pattern and what to do.... was kewl. I made a flower
AussieKnit hosted by Kate in Brisvegas
Chub Creek Hosted by Gary and Dave.... This is a comedy pod I think... quite funny and Dave can be found sometimes doing little knitting skits at Cast on.

Knitting wise, I made the heff a little side to side jacket. Im just finishing a scarf for the spunks daughter who asked me to make her a soft fluffy purple scarf... should be finished tonight. I wanna make a few hats to sell at the markets in 2 weeks and some more scarves.

Does anyone have a basic pattern to make a hat using feathers for a baby.??????.. or 46cm heffer head lol. I cant seem to get it right... it keeps growing at me. I would appreaciate it. I dont really fancy buying a pattern so a freebie would be great. Im trying to stashbust atm, and found some pink crap I wanna make the heff some hats etc with.

ok i be back lata and when I do Im going to give you the "Shazzy Wazzy Woooo" story



Katt said...

I have made up form scratch some baby hat patterns from feathers..But they are for newborns.

Here is one idea (and I sold this one). Measure Heffs head. work out stitches to measurements then knit two squares so that when sewn together it will fit Heffs head well.

Sew three of the fours sides together of the two squares. Then in about 7cm from the corners at the top sew lines down to the outer sides (7cm down) so that the corners end with a triangle "ear" look (I can email you with better details if you need it..just let me know). I call it a Snow Bunny hat and it looks cute).


shazzy said...

yup ta chook.... email me please...Im slightly fuzzy atm....
I spent half the weekend trying to make a hat, kept looking like a beret for some reason it kept getting bigger with same amount of stitches lol