Tuesday, May 30, 2006

not dead yet

Im not dead yet, just havent been home. I said this unit was a storage unit. lol

Knitting wise. I havent done that much actually. Finished some little mittens for the heffs cold hands. Started and done the back of a sleeveless polo neck top for brins in angora supremo. From a pattern in a US family circle knitting book. Does anyone else have a prob with dry hands using this angora stuff. My hands are a mess.
Am knitting for a designer atm to make some pocket money and already ready to tear my hair out, feel like Ive lost my mind really. I cant get tension and I dont have a tension prob as a rule, but wow Ive dropped 2 needle sizes and its still 1/2 st out. Needless to say it is staring at me and today is not the day to attempt it again. So Im going to make me a black beanie and make my hands soft with some nice soft pure wool. I have a nice woven Harley D badge to go on the front of it.

Katt asked what I happened to the other kitties from the last post.... well Smell took one called George and Fred, Harry and cant remember the girl cats name went to 2 of donuts friends. All thriving and doing well. We tried to keep all cats in the family so to speak and from both litters, we all have one or 2 and friends have the others.

The spunks daughter turns 18 next week and Im sooooo not ready for that. I have to look for a gift yet and Im stumped, she really doesnt need anything knitted, cause she has some already. I was thinking some of those nice fluffy cushions from thingz or something for the back of her car. I will have to search next week and see what takes my eye.

I got the new Simply Knitting mag and yeah I liked a few things, Mel loves the bonus Debbie bliss book, shes decided it might be quicker to make Heff some things herself. haha. The new Creative Knitting came in handy on Wednesday as the spunk went to have a gastrothingy, where they put the camera down ur throat, and we got to the hospital at 11 and didnt leave till after 5 so with my knitting, my podcasts and the mag I was a happy camper for a few hours. I love the vest in there, just not the colours. The baby things didnt do anything for me but I enjoyed having a browse all the same.

The spunk has 5 weeks holidays starting next week, so I will prob spend alot more time there, but will try to get home and post as I can.

Ok Im off to ring this designer and ask what the hell as this pattern is not right..... Its sooo not me, Ive checked and had it checked to make sure I wasnt mad hehe.


Katt said...

sounds like the cotton is rooted ;) lol..dunno why some patterns are like that. I have been told I should go down a size with cotton though..havent put it to the test yet.

its great getting paid for knitting isnt it? pity neither of us are getting what we deserve though.


Katt said...

are we dead yet? are we dead yet? are we dead yet?

(read in annoying child nagging tone)

How ya doing hun? what ya been up to?


Katt said...

you going to update us on whats going on?

Also..Uuuum...how does $20 for that wool sound including postage costs?

Let me know


Anonymous said...

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