Monday, May 22, 2006

yes yes I know.....

its been bloody ages, but yanno I am a busy woman...... mwahahaha who am I kidding.
So instead of just dribbling. I have a week and more of pics.
And some dribble.

Whats happening around here... well my hip still hurts, seems the injection of steroids and local anastuff didnt work and I will have to get another one done in a few weeks, until then, I have a new friend. Her name is Willow and shes my walking stick lol.
Had a ride of the bike, not bad if we stop every 10 mins or so, so I can stretch, u can see we are getting around fast here then haha.

Ive been knitting, scroll down to veiw a bit of that. well really I been doing a little of everything BUT resting.... I so get in trouble for that, but yanno I cant sit still. I have ants in my pants, well thats what my nanna used to tell me.

Like mother, like daughter I say. My matching book ends.
Giselle would be about 1 yr old now. Im not sure but she looked young when she came to us with child(s)
and then Miss Lulu is about 6 months. Very hard to tell apart except they have different mouths and that Giselle has a scar on her side still healing from being desexed.

ok onto knitting, firstly we have some booties I been making... all with sparkly bits or beads or sequins etc. gotta be girly. The heff has a small collection I cant get pics of atm. Also here is Brins red slippies I knitted and felted last week. I just need some puffy paint for the bottom to make non slip then some beads and sequins and shes ready to keep her toesies warm too. Just a bootie patterns, 2 strands 8ply wool bigger needles and felt.

Scarf I was making for the spunks daughter, its in spotlight's Moda Vera, "Parade" in purple. Brins also got a small one from the left overs and a pink pluffy one too.
Brins was also lucky enuff I got myself lost in spotlight and bought some of the Moda Vera in "Piuma" and made her this.... modelled by the lovely Mr Jim. Brins is fully into pompoms atm and heck for ackrylic this is surprisly soft and I will be making some more to sell.

The spunk went to the V8 Supercars here in Perth on mothers day and got me a great showbag thingy from the coporate box he was lucky enuff to be in. Great new knitting bag it would be too, with a bucket hat with V8 supercars on it. Also these lovely flowers came my way, Orchids too, so nice.

Also this week Kmart had a heap of wool 100% here wool going on special.... very nice I must say considering I laybyed like3-4kgs hahaha. but I grabbed these balls and made a long skinny scarf for me or to sell. I cant decide atm. Its a mix of reds, oranges and pinks

This wool is what I picked up at the op shop the other week. 12 balls shepard 8ply orange 100% wool and this alpaca, in natural colours for the spunks house socks.

Will leave you now with a pic of my oldest Commonly known as the doughnut cause shes always 'round. Taken at a nightclub here last weekend. Pretty nice pic, shes sooo vain though hahaha

Ciao for now.


Katt said...

Brins Beanie is gorgeous!! I LOVE that colour!!

The wee shoes are adoreable too!

What happened to the last lot of kittens your cat had?

"donut" is so pretty!!


amanda j said...

Gee you have been busy! I love those bootees, where did you get the patterns? I too went to Kmart. Mostly everything that was any good was gone. Cute hat and cute bear. And cute daughter!

Anonymous said...

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