Wednesday, May 03, 2006

some pics...

some knitted item pics to add to todays post ....

Firstly we have brins scarf/neckwarmer modelled by the lovely Mr Jim Bear, its made from a ball of Panda 'coconut ice" that Brins bought with her own money from the bargain bin in spotlight last week. Cost her $1.00, she also bought a ball of Fiddlesticks "gelati" in pinks for $1.50. Ive taught her well I say. lol

Next we have Skyes side to side jacket made from the cursed lilac merino bambino and some lovely aqua bambino. 1 strand each.... 3 lamb buttons adorn this jacket.

Brins school beanie and hand warmers, hard to see on the purple lounge but they are done in navy cleckheaton country 12ply.

Next we have the start of Skyes hat I promised to make today, well I started Have been playing with Skye today and shes sleeping ova tonight so not much knitting getting done atm.
Knitted with cleckheaton country 8ply in white and the hot pink is Angora Supremo. It will eb a square topped hat with tassles on either side. Brins wants one too so I will do hers in the pink with white trim.

Ok I will leave you with my other fav little girl, shes 5 months and 4 days old today, sheesh how time has flyed hahaha *sigh*

And the only other man I would let put his shoes under my bed.... ahhhhh hes gorgeous just like my spunk.... Long blonde hair, gorgeous eyes and tats.... what else could a girl want haha. Vince Neil from Motley Crue

Ok Im off to knit for a bit before the little cherub wakes for her feed.
Ciao all

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Katt said...

knitting all looking good!

Skyes beanie is going to be gorgeous when finished.

Brins is a bargain yarn shopper already! Excellent!