Tuesday, May 30, 2006

not dead yet

Im not dead yet, just havent been home. I said this unit was a storage unit. lol

Knitting wise. I havent done that much actually. Finished some little mittens for the heffs cold hands. Started and done the back of a sleeveless polo neck top for brins in angora supremo. From a pattern in a US family circle knitting book. Does anyone else have a prob with dry hands using this angora stuff. My hands are a mess.
Am knitting for a designer atm to make some pocket money and already ready to tear my hair out, feel like Ive lost my mind really. I cant get tension and I dont have a tension prob as a rule, but wow Ive dropped 2 needle sizes and its still 1/2 st out. Needless to say it is staring at me and today is not the day to attempt it again. So Im going to make me a black beanie and make my hands soft with some nice soft pure wool. I have a nice woven Harley D badge to go on the front of it.

Katt asked what I happened to the other kitties from the last post.... well Smell took one called George and Fred, Harry and cant remember the girl cats name went to 2 of donuts friends. All thriving and doing well. We tried to keep all cats in the family so to speak and from both litters, we all have one or 2 and friends have the others.

The spunks daughter turns 18 next week and Im sooooo not ready for that. I have to look for a gift yet and Im stumped, she really doesnt need anything knitted, cause she has some already. I was thinking some of those nice fluffy cushions from thingz or something for the back of her car. I will have to search next week and see what takes my eye.

I got the new Simply Knitting mag and yeah I liked a few things, Mel loves the bonus Debbie bliss book, shes decided it might be quicker to make Heff some things herself. haha. The new Creative Knitting came in handy on Wednesday as the spunk went to have a gastrothingy, where they put the camera down ur throat, and we got to the hospital at 11 and didnt leave till after 5 so with my knitting, my podcasts and the mag I was a happy camper for a few hours. I love the vest in there, just not the colours. The baby things didnt do anything for me but I enjoyed having a browse all the same.

The spunk has 5 weeks holidays starting next week, so I will prob spend alot more time there, but will try to get home and post as I can.

Ok Im off to ring this designer and ask what the hell as this pattern is not right..... Its sooo not me, Ive checked and had it checked to make sure I wasnt mad hehe.

Monday, May 22, 2006

yes yes I know.....

its been bloody ages, but yanno I am a busy woman...... mwahahaha who am I kidding.
So instead of just dribbling. I have a week and more of pics.
And some dribble.

Whats happening around here... well my hip still hurts, seems the injection of steroids and local anastuff didnt work and I will have to get another one done in a few weeks, until then, I have a new friend. Her name is Willow and shes my walking stick lol.
Had a ride of the bike, not bad if we stop every 10 mins or so, so I can stretch, u can see we are getting around fast here then haha.

Ive been knitting, scroll down to veiw a bit of that. well really I been doing a little of everything BUT resting.... I so get in trouble for that, but yanno I cant sit still. I have ants in my pants, well thats what my nanna used to tell me.

Like mother, like daughter I say. My matching book ends.
Giselle would be about 1 yr old now. Im not sure but she looked young when she came to us with child(s)
and then Miss Lulu is about 6 months. Very hard to tell apart except they have different mouths and that Giselle has a scar on her side still healing from being desexed.

ok onto knitting, firstly we have some booties I been making... all with sparkly bits or beads or sequins etc. gotta be girly. The heff has a small collection I cant get pics of atm. Also here is Brins red slippies I knitted and felted last week. I just need some puffy paint for the bottom to make non slip then some beads and sequins and shes ready to keep her toesies warm too. Just a bootie patterns, 2 strands 8ply wool bigger needles and felt.

Scarf I was making for the spunks daughter, its in spotlight's Moda Vera, "Parade" in purple. Brins also got a small one from the left overs and a pink pluffy one too.
Brins was also lucky enuff I got myself lost in spotlight and bought some of the Moda Vera in "Piuma" and made her this.... modelled by the lovely Mr Jim. Brins is fully into pompoms atm and heck for ackrylic this is surprisly soft and I will be making some more to sell.

The spunk went to the V8 Supercars here in Perth on mothers day and got me a great showbag thingy from the coporate box he was lucky enuff to be in. Great new knitting bag it would be too, with a bucket hat with V8 supercars on it. Also these lovely flowers came my way, Orchids too, so nice.

Also this week Kmart had a heap of wool 100% here wool going on special.... very nice I must say considering I laybyed like3-4kgs hahaha. but I grabbed these balls and made a long skinny scarf for me or to sell. I cant decide atm. Its a mix of reds, oranges and pinks

This wool is what I picked up at the op shop the other week. 12 balls shepard 8ply orange 100% wool and this alpaca, in natural colours for the spunks house socks.

Will leave you now with a pic of my oldest Commonly known as the doughnut cause shes always 'round. Taken at a nightclub here last weekend. Pretty nice pic, shes sooo vain though hahaha

Ciao for now.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

just to let you all know.....

Im alive

went to xray etc and got the needle.... yes I have Bursitis..... and yes I didnt rest after the needle and now Im paying for it big time....

Knitting stuff..... Ive finished Skyes hat... made her 2 pairs of ballet booties and 2 pairs to sell, made brins a slipper to felt and doing no 2 tonight and will felt tomorrow....

wne opshopping and picked up 12 balls of shepards 8ply wool in ornage at $1 a ball instead of $4 a ball..... and some home spun alpaca and sheep.... thats for the spunks socks to hangaround in... lol.... ok]

I will be back when I can sit straight and stop knitting

ciao all
and hellllllll im so addicted to podcasts im scary..... go listen to www. moshknit.blogspot.com hey

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

some pics...

some knitted item pics to add to todays post ....

Firstly we have brins scarf/neckwarmer modelled by the lovely Mr Jim Bear, its made from a ball of Panda 'coconut ice" that Brins bought with her own money from the bargain bin in spotlight last week. Cost her $1.00, she also bought a ball of Fiddlesticks "gelati" in pinks for $1.50. Ive taught her well I say. lol

Next we have Skyes side to side jacket made from the cursed lilac merino bambino and some lovely aqua bambino. 1 strand each.... 3 lamb buttons adorn this jacket.

Brins school beanie and hand warmers, hard to see on the purple lounge but they are done in navy cleckheaton country 12ply.

Next we have the start of Skyes hat I promised to make today, well I started it...lol Have been playing with Skye today and shes sleeping ova tonight so not much knitting getting done atm.
Knitted with cleckheaton country 8ply in white and the hot pink is Angora Supremo. It will eb a square topped hat with tassles on either side. Brins wants one too so I will do hers in the pink with white trim.

Ok I will leave you with my other fav little girl, shes 5 months and 4 days old today, sheesh how time has flyed hahaha *sigh*

And the only other man I would let put his shoes under my bed.... ahhhhh hes gorgeous just like my spunk.... Long blonde hair, gorgeous eyes and tats.... what else could a girl want haha. Vince Neil from Motley Crue

Ok Im off to knit for a bit before the little cherub wakes for her feed.
Ciao all

ok tried this yesterday but.....

I used all my broadband allowance in one day on downloading podcasts and puter was hell slow after that hahaha.. seee I said I was addicted to em.

Ok I said I was going to do a "shazzy wazzy wooo" story. So I will start with that.... Yes Shazzy Wazzy Wooo is me. Nickname for like forever.

I was born in Camden NSW in 1966 and am the youngest of 5 kids, I have 2 older bros and sis's. I grew up in the suburb of Greenacre in Sydney and attended school there and travelled to Bankstown to go to highschool. I went to a all girls highschool and spent alot of my time hanging over the fence or the balcony looking at the boys playing footy on the oval.

I was not one of the popular kids, but I had heaps friends and sat on fence I guess. I also played up heaps in class, was obnoxious, the class clown sorta and drank, smoked and swore alot. Also wore my own style of clothing, a x between bogan, punk, hippy and whateva else I could find. Funny thing is I still wear my own type of clothing, which some days makes the spunk cringe... its normal to see me in a bright green velvet skirt with orange jumper and whateva else I can put with it, like pink shoes. oh hade hahahahaha. Serious its true though.
I failed knitting and sewing in primary school and after my teacher yanked it all away. I indulged at home with my nanna. I failed first year sewing at high school and chose to do cooking instead. And heck I can cook. BUT yanno I can knit and am a creative person. I try my hand at almost anything and normally get the knack of it before I decide its not me and go back to knitting.
My mother was a professional knitter, she supplied local people and shops with knitted goods and the hospital with booties for the premies. But that was it, she wasnt my kind of mother. So I lived with my nanna as much as possible. My nanna was a crocheter and heck she would make the most amazing blankets, small ones and some that would cover 2 king size beds. Her place was always overflowing with wool and I guess thats where I got my love for it. My mothers sister are all creative too, with either spinning, knitting, sewing or other crafts.
My first knitted item we wont discuss to say it was a tea cosy when I was 7 at school and pffft.
The first knitted item for a child of mine was a little jumper in yellow 4ply feathersoft stuff I knicked from my mother and needless to say you would have had to have broken Fionas arms to get it on her hahaha. But the stitches were even and it was ok for a first try. Over the years I made a few other things, mostly jumpers for my little man Snotty, where as I would then ship them off to mother to have them sewn and the neck done.. LOL I couldnt do that.
Then I stopped. I took it up again 6 years ago when Brins was born and she was such a good baby I was bored as shit hey. I had been a career woman and sitting at home again was hell. BUT hey I love knitting.

moving on .... Im rambling here.... I have been married 2 times, both to soldiers and no I didnt learn after the first one cause my ex introduced me to my 2nd hubby. This is my 3rd time to Perth, only this time Im staying. I have also lived in Victoria, Queensland, Sydney again and travelled over most of the country.
Thats enuff of the crap for now. I will put other things up as they need to be revealed. Or as people ask questions.

Now for some knitting content.... Yanno I though this year I had been really lazy in some aspects concerning my knitting. I didnt feel like I have really accomplished much at all. So I sat and wrote it all down...
This is what I have knitted so far this year....
for Brin...
school cardi,
denim jacket thingy
jumper in red strippy yarn
hand warmers
scarf/neck warmer
a beanie and hand warmer in school colours (made yesterday)
lace edged hat
for Skye...
side to side jacket
cardi in fairisle stuff
2 hats
square to finish blankie
1 sock for me (im gunna finish them this weekend maybe)
scarf in ostrich and flirt yarn
scarf for spunks daughter (not finished but will be today)

So Im happy with that small lot.. considering I have also finished sewing and putting together things I started last year too.
Things I plan on doing in the next 3 months include...
*Finshing Brins mystery jumper.
*Making some more clothes for skye including the jumper I have in my head atm and the hat I said I would make today lol
*Finishing my lone sock
*Finishing sewing up brins monkey(yes yes Im lazy)
*Making heaps hats and scarves to sell at markets (I need to destash somewhat and make money to buy more wool)
*Make me a jumper or cardi in some lovely soft mohairy stuff I bought last year from Ozyarn.
*Make some socks for brins and skye.
*Make the spunk and me matching socks with a harley logo on em (dreaming here)
*Make me a black beanie to wear under my helmet.
*Finish my olympic scarf to wear on bike

Sounds like alot to do, but Im gunna do it and heaps more lol.

Things that have happened this week include.... Brins being home from school. First week back from hols and she has a cold, damn that ex lol. Its his fault I say he had her the weekend. Im not feeling the best, think I am getting it now.
Havent seen spunk since Monday and am having withdrawals from him (hopefully will see tonight or tomorrow).
Finally got my ponds fixed after a suprise rent inspection last week, where I lost the plot and flipped my little lid. I have the aircon man coming today too. Amazing what can happen when you threaten to sue and call the media. haha.
Tomorrow I go to get the xray and ultrasound on my hip. Im hoping Ive just pulled a huge muscle or something cause I wanna go riding Friday with my man, and Im NOT missing it hey. I will have to be dying to get me off that bike. Im willing to cut down my riding now that winter is coming anyway, but I will NOT stop riding altogether, Sorry Doc.

Ok Im going to have a nice HOT shower and get in my daggy warm clothes cause its bloody freezing here atm
Enjoy ur day and come back again ya'll hear now

Monday, May 01, 2006

Just a quick....

one to let you know Im still alive...

firstly I have a pain sooo huge I wanna cry in my hip. (the pain not the crying lol). Ive been having pins and needles in my left hip for a few months now and esp at night I find it really shitty to get comfy. A few weeks ago it got painful and the spunk assured me the docs was where I needed to be, so I did and now I have to go have a xray and ultrasound on my hip on Thursday. He thinks it may be Bursitis or something like that. Google it if you wanna read more.
Im feeling like a bloody old woman now *sob*. Hence why no blogging has been done. I cant sit still for longer than a few mins at a time. Sooooooo instead I have found podcasts..... Oh my golly Im addicted hey. Does anyone else listen to podcasts?????? there are a few good knitting ones around and a few good comedy ones....

heres a link to some;
Cast on hosted by Brenda Dayne.. life and knitting
KnitCast hosted by Marie Irshad..life and knitting with interviews with knitting celebs
Secret Knitting hosted by Daniela.. This podcast you knit items along with Daniela as she tells you the pattern and what to do.... was kewl. I made a flower
AussieKnit hosted by Kate in Brisvegas
Chub Creek Hosted by Gary and Dave.... This is a comedy pod I think... quite funny and Dave can be found sometimes doing little knitting skits at Cast on.

Knitting wise, I made the heff a little side to side jacket. Im just finishing a scarf for the spunks daughter who asked me to make her a soft fluffy purple scarf... should be finished tonight. I wanna make a few hats to sell at the markets in 2 weeks and some more scarves.

Does anyone have a basic pattern to make a hat using feathers for a baby.??????.. or 46cm heffer head lol. I cant seem to get it right... it keeps growing at me. I would appreaciate it. I dont really fancy buying a pattern so a freebie would be great. Im trying to stashbust atm, and found some pink crap I wanna make the heff some hats etc with.

ok i be back lata and when I do Im going to give you the "Shazzy Wazzy Woooo" story